Would you like to become an IAS officer for any particular reason?

In this article, we will talk about why you want to become an IAS officer or in other words, why a student wants to become an IAS officer. Friends, in the government jobs with the most popular and highest posts, only the name of civil service / civil services jobs comes. Civil Service includes many services, but among them, IAS is the most prominent name. Many students dream of becoming an IAS officer, and for this lakhs of students prepare for upsc every year and appear in the civil service examination. IAS coaching in Dehradun, Many times people ask this question to the students preparing for IAS, or certainly, in the interview, they are asked the question why do you want to become an IAS officer?


Why do you want to become an IAS?

Friends, IAS is the first choice of most students in Civil Services, this is the highest post in Civil Services. The full name of IAS is Indian Administrative Service, in simple words, those who are District Collector / DC are IAS officers only, apart from this IAS officers are appointed to higher positions, and after a few years of experience they are also appointed to high positions. Those who become IAS at the age of 23-24, a few years before retirement also work in the highest posts like general secretary, defense secretary of India. But it is very difficult to pass the exam, for this student should have all the information related to it like what is IS, how to become one, and what is IAS syllabus. Must have good knowledge about etc.


Now if we talk about why a student / you want to become an IAS? So there can be many reasons for this. First of all, different students may have different reasons for wanting to become an IAS. Some common reasons, like serving the country, wanting to bring about a social change, etc. are the answers given by most of the students, apart from this, some students have the same goal, just to become an IAS. So, why do you want to become an IAS? There can be many reasons for this, here we talk about some of the most important reasons.


Some of the main reasons for wanting to become an IAS can be –


To serve the country/society

When most of the students are asked the reason for wanting to join civil service or want to become an IAS, the answer is to serve the country. Many students really want to join civil service just to serve the country. IAS officers in civil services have such powers and mandates that they have the ability to really bring about change by working at the ground level. Due to playing an important role in policy-making, IAS officers are also able to give concrete shape to policy reforms. If the administrative powers of IAS officers are used properly, they can change society. And this is the reason why youths who want to make a big change or want to do something good get attracted to this IAS job and appear for the civil services exam to involve themselves in this big role.


To have the power to administer

One of the important reasons for wanting to become an IAS is administrative power or in a way, getting power. In Power, if we look at the level of governance, then the important responsibilities of the executive are discharged through civil servants only, and since IAS is the best post in it, it also has a lot of power. Today civil servants have wide powers to work, in this IAS is given the charge of the entire district or a specified area in which important decisions taken by the administration are taken by these officers. IAS officers have many such institutional powers, using which they can bring radical changes in any field, for this reason also successful people in different fields are attracted to this civil service.


To get a name and prestige in society.

Apart from this, another reason why students go for civil services to become IAS is to increase their name and prestige in society. After becoming an IAS, your name is everywhere in society and you are seen with respect. Getting a job on a top post like IAS is also a matter of great respect. Although this is not the main reason for many candidates, obviously when we are talking about posts like IAS, it is natural to get a name and prestige in society. It is very difficult to get a job in the post of IAS, as well as take coaching, and etc. can cost a lot to become an IAS. But after getting a job on this post, respect and prestige are different.


For a good salary and other government facilities

Salary is also one of the main reasons for many students to want to become IAS because salary wise also IAS comes in the best-paid government jobs. IAS as well as all the other jobs that come under the civil services, the salary and other government facilities available with it are also very good on all those posts. The salary of an IAS goes up to lakh rupees or more, and along with it, many other facilities like living expenses, vehicle expenses, mobile expenses, staff expenses for care, etc. are provided by the government. are given from IAS not only provides attractive salary, security of post, diversity of work area, and all kinds of other facilities but also gives high social prestige along with the opportunity to reach the top in the administration of the country.



In this article given above, we have talked about the reasons why students want to become an IAS, here we have talked about some of the main reasons for wanting to become an IAS. Many students opt for civil services and IAS in that too. In such a situation, first of all, he must have found the answer to this question, why do you want to become an IAS? Or why do you want to join civil services?

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