Why Hiker Store is the only Best Brand for Mobile Holders and Mobile Accessories

Hiker Store is an online trusted brand built on quality and style. Our passion for cars and travel inspired us to sell an exquisite collection of car mounts and stands such as Magnetic Car Mounts, Car Mobile Holders, Phone Holders, Rotating Mobile Phone Stands, Desktop Stands, and so on. There are multiple enthusiastic repatriated companies selling these products in the same segment but due to the big variety range of products, these companies are not able to fulfil the provide the quality products. This opportunity was picked up by the hiker store, so they significantly started the hiker store in these two first, We only had one small idea, but much to our surprise, it ended up being very popular. From there, we expanded our product line to include smart travel and modern lifestyle accessories such as earphones, smart anti-theft backpacks, multi-tools, card holders, mobile card holder wallets, travel duffle bags, and travel games. After establishing its brand authority and gaming customer base, our goal is to introduce more lifestyle-oriented products. 

Why Hiker store

Hiker Store is committed to bringing lifestyle experience-oriented products. As a brand, we strive to discover new products that are not only appealing but also add value to everyday life. Our goal is to constantly develop products and ideas that our customers will adore. We want our products to make our customers’ lives easier, better, and more comfortable. Our true mission is to provide a genuine taste of quality as well as valuable ideas that enhance your lifestyle experience. Hiker store is providing a list of the best mobile holders and mobile accessories.

The types of Mobile Holders 

  • Mini magnetic mount for car

Mini Magnetic Mount is a stick-on magnetic phone holder for car dashboards. With powerful magnets and universal compatibility, this is a multipurpose tiny phone holder. Provides the highest level of quality, optimum convenience, and easy accessibility. This mount has a cradle-free, ultra-thin design with a strengthened aluminium alloy body. It’s one-of-a-kind and multi-functional due to its ultra-thin and elegant design. You can put it on any flat surface, such as a car, kitchen, office, bedroom, or any other place where you need to keep your phone, keys, or other metal items.

  • Magbear magnetic mobile holder

Magbear is a universal car mount and magnetic phone holder for car dashboards and windshields. This mount solution is ideal for Indian road conditions due to its extra powerful magnets, telescopic arm and 360° rotating mechanism for infinite viewing angles, upgraded suction-cup gel pad for both dashboard and windshield, and universal compatibility with all smartphones and mobile devices.


  • Car air vent magnetic mount for car

The Car Air Vent Magnetic Mount is a strong magnetic car mount phone holder. This mount’s reinforced magnetic strength distinguishes it from others. This universal car air vent magnetic holder has a strong magnetic field that will hold any smartphone, including iPhones and Android phones.


The types of mobile accessories  

  • In-ear wired Earphones

Enjoy an immersive audio experience on the go! These earphones can improve your calling experience, music sessions, and more with crystal clear sound, solid bass, in-line m, and super soft silicone earbuds. With IPX4 water resistance and a 1m cable length, these earphones are ideal for your daily travels and activities.

  • Mobile stands

For tablets, PCs, and workstations, a foldable rotating mobile stand is available. This is a multi-angle adjustable stand with a 270° free rotation to assure the ideal viewing angle and improve the audio-video experience. It has a sleek premium appearance with a strong aluminium body and sturdy construction that keeps your phone in place without wobbling.

  • Mobile card holder

The multi-functional mobile cardholder combines the security of a credit card holder with the convenience of a phone grip. It allows you to have a firm grasp on your smartphone while also protecting your cards and serving as a phone stand.

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