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Why Hemp Paper packaging? Next big sustainable innovation!

The ‘eco-friendly’ dynamic has transformed the look and feel of our resources. The manner of consumption has also changed over the years. Buy Ayurvedic Hemp Protein Powder from the best provider of hemp related products like cbd oil, hemp seed oil, CBD for Pets, etc. Paper has been one of the many targets of the ‘sustainable’ era. Over the years, paper producers have turned to cotton, wheat straw, sugar cane waste, flax, and linen rags. Out of all the sources, ‘Hemp’ is a brand new choice for paper producers.

A tall herb of Asian origin, Hemp supplies strong fibre,  edible seeds, and oil to its producers. It’s wrongfully seen in the same light as opiates, tranquillizers, and other drugs. A closer look at its properties and uses can drastically transform our outlook towards ‘Hemp’ as the next big industrial resource.

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In this day and age, innovations are mandatory in order to prevent the exhaustion of invaluable natural resources. Hemp Paper packaging has garnered the attention of paper producers for its ‘sustainability quotient’. Replacing the natural source of oxygen with a simple herb for industrial purposes is a simple yet revolutionary idea.

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Here’s why ‘Hemp’ paper is the next big sustainable innovation-

  • Better Quality- Hemp produces fibres that are much longer than the fibre acquired from wood. As a result, the quality and durability of Hemp paper is much higher than the ‘standard’ form of paper.
  • Faster Growth- Hemp can grow up to three feet within four to five months. The swift rate of growth attracts paper producers as they gain more raw material over a shorter span of time.
  • Enhanced Texture- Stronger Hemp fibres render a bulkier feel to the paper. The durable and natural texture is ideal among stationery lovers and serves as a great option for paper packaging.
  • Recyclable- Paper produced from Hemp can be recycled over eight times. This makes it a strong contender among other ‘sustainable’ industrial resources.
  • Lesser Chemicals- The usual method of paper production demands hefty amounts of toxic chemicals. On the flip side, hemp paper production requires lesser chemicals, making it a sustainable pick for paper packaging.

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Hempistani is a revolutionary venture bringing out the best of ‘Hemp’ for its customers. Wrecking the walls of stigma, it aims to highlight Hemp’s potential as a sustainable industrial resource. Apart from creating a new arena for the Hemp Industry to breathe and grow, Hempistani has single handedly formed a community of Producers, Businesses, and Organizations that are passionate to introduce Hemp products to the world.

Hempistani offers an exceptionally extensive range of Hemp products from categories like Health & Wellness, Hair Care, Skin Care, Stress Relief, Feminine Care, Home & Living, and CBD Products. While making ‘better’ choices for the planet, we often stick to the so-called sustainable options known to us. Hemp can surely be a trailblazer for other industrial resources that are much more effective, eco-friendly, and are yet to be explored.


Hempistani is an ecommerce platform is the provider of the Best Hemp Seed Products and are dedicated to increase the uses and manufacturing options for hemp by fusing innovative technology with conventional procedures. The vendors of Hempistani look forward to deliver a dependable market for hemp customers while raising awarness about this industrial plant.

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