Why do Indian students choose Australia for their master’s?

Australia is known for its high standards for master’s degrees, and students from India favor the place specifically because of its thorough curriculum and research opportunities. Pursuing master’s degrees from Australia allows students to develop industry-ready skillsets to grab the best offers and top positions.

For good reasons, Australia is ranked among the top three countries in the world for international higher education. Indian students who study there will receive a chance to learn efficiently and gain the necessary experience for a successful career.

Let’s understand why Australian universities are the top choice for Indian students.

Education Standards

A master’s degree in Australia is highly reputed and internationally recognized. Additionally, Students can grab internships at leading cooperations in their field while pursuing master’s to gain experience and develop the critical skills required for rapid growth. In some courses, students can choose from a wide range of electives to specialize in, making them feel more engaged and connected to their education. Students think they are given autonomy, and their education is directly connected to the industry they aim to make a career.

High Standard of Living

Regarding life quality, Australia has continuously appeared among the top nations. Students in Australia feel highly involved, thus enjoying a great lifestyle, as the country upholds excellent standards in all fields.

Chances for Part-Time Employment

Students can easily find a part-time job to earn a living to help them get by in addition to their studies. In Australian culture, most students work part-time jobs to grow personally and professionally. A crisp curriculum also leaves students time for their job and leisure activities which does not affect their studies.

Affordable Education Fees

One of the main factors contributing to Australia’s rising popularity among Indian students is the country’s extremely affordable tuition rates compared to those in the US, UK, or Canada. Furthermore, with Global Opportunities assistance, students can take advantage of various scholarship options. Students can also find help with bank loans and understand how to manage their finances best as they head out to Australia.

Post-Study Work Visa

After earning their master’s degree, students can apply for a post-study work visa of up to five years based on the course they have graduated in and gain valuable experience. Australia has quality workplace cultures and is known to be very flexible to employees, which helps students broaden their horizons while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.


Indian students are choosing to study in Australia in historic numbers, and they are being accepted at an unprecedented rate. However, this increased number is merely a trend; it is anticipated to last for a very long time due to Australia’s many advantages and flexibility for Indian students. Furthermore, thanks to Australia’s high-quality educational system, where students have the tendency to become qualified in order to get top jobs worldwide.

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