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Why choosing the right main door is important?

Front doors have a major impact on the security and curb appeal of your home. Choosing the right main door design, material and placement are extremely important while constructing a new home or remodelling your house. If your current front door is worn out and damaged, then also you need to take steps to replace it with a new, stylish one, to create a more welcoming environment at your house. The perfect front door shall speak to your home décor and style, and make your house more attractive to the guests and even potential buyers if you plan to sell off your house.

Creating the perfect first impression

Everyone knows the importance of great first impressions. As your front door is the very first thing anyone notices about your house, it plays a major role in creating this impression. While exploring options of front doors for the home, you need to opt for materials, designs, styles and textures that gel well with the overall architecture of the building. A door that is in sync with your home architectural theme can go a long way in elevating the curb appeal of the property and help create a delightful first impression.

Traditionally, most houses had wooden front doors to add natural warmth to an entryway. While wooden doors are still widely used, they are also prone to get damaged easily and involve high upkeep expenses. Hence, it is better to go for modern, fibreglass or uPVC doors that can replicate the look of wooden doors, while having negligible maintenance expenses. uPVC doors, in particular, are renowned for their durability and can retain their perfectly classy appearance for years with minimal upkeep efforts. These doors are available in a wide range of designs, and can even be customized with glass and hardware to suit the architectural theme of a home and make it all the more attractive.

Add value to your home

A good entrance door can add value to your home in several ways. Hence, you need to select your material smartly while buying doors for your home. Energy-efficient, low-maintenance and durable materials like fibreglass, uPVC and steel would allow you to enjoy additional value in terms of the money you get to save. uPVC and aluminium doors are renowned for their durability and weather resistance capabilities. They require lesser repairs and replacements as opposed to the traditional wooden doors. Hence, you do not have to spend much time, hassles or expenses on the upkeep of the main doors of your house. Energy-efficient materials like uPVC additionally would aid in bringing down the energy consumption of your home, thereby lowering your monthly energy bills.

In case you decide to sell off your house in the future, your entrance door quality and cost savings will surely appeal to potential buyers, thereby adding to the market value of the property.

Opting for uPVC doors 

As mentioned above, durable uPVC doors do not require much in terms of upkeep and are energy efficient as well, which would make them a smart addition to your home. These doors provide excellent insulation from excessive heat and cold. uPVC doors can help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature at your home, which comes as a huge advantage for homeowners living in a region where drastic weather changes are normal. Moreover, the colours of uPVC doors do not fade away because of excessive sun exposure, which is a huge problem in wooden doors. uPVC doors can be soundproof as well, and hence ideal for city homes where the noise of traffic is extremely common. The options for uPVC door designs are many, and therefore you are sure to find choices that competently fit the décor and architecture of your home.

Main doors enhance the curb appeal

Your brand new main doors would be the shining star of the front exterior of your home. It will also help magnetize attention to various other components of your entryway that can hamper or help your curb appeal, depending on their conditions. Here are a few quick fixes that you may try out to enhance the entryway of your home and improve its curb appeal:

  • Opt for uPVC French doors with patterned, stained or frosted glass in order to add a dramatic touch to your entryway
  • Install simple lighting around and/or above your entryway to accent the unique feature of the doors
  • Invest in basic landscaping to augment the look of the overall entryway

Getting your old front door replaced, especially with sleek and stylish uPVC main door designs will allow you to enjoy a host of benefits, including improved security and energy efficiency. There are many companies present in India that specialize in offering high-quality of uPVC doors. You can always visit their website or showroom, explore the options available, and subsequently invest in the door that would be best suited for the entryway of your home.


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