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Where to Find the Best SEO Keywords?

Whether you have recently dipped your toes into the search engine optimization industry or are a casual pro, you must be aware that there’s huge competition for the best resources, including backlinks, top Google rankings, and keywords. Being industrious isn’t enough these days and hence, you need to explore different ways to locate the best and most valuable opportunities.

Here’s the comprehensive guide to the 7 less-explored sources to boost your site rankings. Find the keywords and connect with the best SEO services in Gurgaon to grow your business.

1. Hunt for Anchor Text & Backlinks

Surprised how anchor texts and backlinks can help you find the new keywords? It’s no wonder that anchor texts consist of duplications and words like “click here”. But if you closely look at the URL and the linked text, you’ll discover some pre-researched keywords within them.

For instance:

<ahref=””>Squid Game Jumpsuit</a> Here, squid-game-costume and Squid Game Jumpsuit are two keywords that can use to boost your SEO rankings.

Use the terms you find this way in your keyword research too as they might lead you to other variations in relevant terms you haven’t considered before.

2. Explore Internal Site Search

The second most powerful method of keyword research is to view your competitors from the audience’s perspective. Honestly speaking, you can gain success only if you keep a watch on your competitors. Monitor them closely and use their website as a research tool.

Since you and your competitor have an audience overlap, visit and explore other similar websites and put yourself in the shoes of their audience to tap into their search habits.

This gives you an insight into what their visitors want to find.

You can then use these terms to inform your keyword research. Dig into how their website ranks for these terms to see if there is any SEO opportunity for your brand.

3. Dive into keywords by industry

Always remember that industry-level and high-value keywords are influenced by holidays, events, news stories, trends, and other real-life factors. You should keep an eagle’s eye on what’s happening in your industry and use that information for your keyword research.

When you have access to accurate digital data, you can understand what keywords are making a buzz in your industry. Locate them before your competitors and get ready to embrace success. Find the best SEO services in Gurgaon to explore the trending industry keywords.

4. Look beyond Google’s Data

Let’s face it the audience turns to different search engines for different needs in reality. Therefore, you should look beyond Google’s Data when embarking on your keyword research journey.

Don’t overlook the wide influence of Amazon and YouTube to identify more opportunities to reach your target audience. Moreover, these platforms let you understand the audience’s needs and intent so you can add them to your SEO strategy.

5. Use Autocomplete to find hidden keywords

Have you ever noticed that a search engine autocompletes the word when you start entering a query into Google? These suggestions are related to queries of interest to many searchers.

Moreover, Autocomplete words open a portal into how people are searching for these keyword phrases, thus giving you the intel to speak the same language as your keyword audience.

All you have to do is simply look up a search term and see how Google’s Autocomplete assistant finishes your phrase. However, keep in mind that you should only use the keywords that actually make sense for your website. Don’t let irrelevant keywords pull you down in the wrong direction.

The Bottom Line

So, that’s all about the guide to the 5 unique ways to find uncommon keywords. Incorporate them into your search engine optimization strategy and step ahead of your competitors. Use these tried-and-tested ways as your compass and craft a data-driven action plan. Hire the best SEO services in Gurgaon to boost your market share.

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