What Is the Scope of Getting AWS Certification in India?


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a dominant name in the cloud services provider. It is a leading cloud-based platform that provides at least two hundred multi-faceted features courtesy of the fully-features data centers spread all across the world. It caters to a far-reaching customer base that consists of both startup ventures and leading enterprises. The main application domain is in providing robust cloud features. However, many end-users and companies employ the services to make their products agile, reduce operation costs, and innovate at a rapid pace. By using it, you can deploy more than tera-byte large programming environments to the clients. It allows for the simplistic integration and working of the software. It is a revolutionary name in the industry and you can find learning platforms like AWS Online Course in Kuwait all over the world.

Check the below sections to know about the advantages of getting an AWS certification.

Advantages of AWS Certifications

There are several reasons that the programmers go for the AWS certifications. Boosting their profile, corroborating their awareness of high remuneration, and exciting job prospects are some of the primary reasons. See the following and get an idea about the advantages of AWS-

  • Preparing for the Future

It is needless to say that not only AWS is a prominent cloud platform, but its prominence has also grown over the years. Furthermore, on the other hand, the growth of cloud platforms as the primary source for data storage and collaboration has also increased in the industries. A recent survey has revealed that nearly eighty percent of the total number of enterprises in the world will switch to cloud platforms by the mid of 2020s. Therefore, it is a futuristic technology that will grow unfathomably and will dictate terms in the job market in the coming decade.

  • New Domains of Expertise

Attaining expertise in a subject is one of the most straightforward ways of earning high remuneration and positional growth in the domain. For attaining expertise, you need sufficient experience and relevant certifications to show for it. AWS certification is one such certification that boosts your profile and lets the employer know that you have industry-specific knowledge. Moreover, after getting AWS certification, you can go for the further advanced certification to upgrade your profile more. It is a dynamic field that allows proficient professionals to be flexible and try out different domains.

  • Easy Process of Getting a Certification

If you have a job and want to upgrade, you might be looking for easy ways of getting certification. AWS is one such certification that you can easily attain, following a few straightforward processes. Gone are the days when you had to attain the scheduled classes and follow a rigorous schedule to get a certificate. Nowadays, there are plenty of platforms on the web that can let you plan your course and get the certification at your own pace.

Scope of AWS Certifications in India

The prominence of AWS is to the extent that if you are proficient enough, you can get a high salary even as a fresher. Professionals, especially those who are already part of cloud developers tend towards the certifications to get lucrative perks, offers, promotions, and incentives. Many professionals also go through the course to validate their knowledge or learn new trends and industry-specific knowledge. It is also a highly valuable upgrade for freshers. The certification lets the employer know that the candidate is not completely about the subject. After attaining enough experience, it would prove useful when you acquire jobs as a DevOps engineer, Cloud architect, AWS Solutions Architect, etc.  The knowledge will help you in the later stages of your career. However, in the initial years, the certification is vital to get interview calls.

Now, let us see one section and explore the kind of salaries that AWS developers get in India.

Salary of AWS Developers

The mean salary of AWS developers in India exists in the range of ₹6-7LPA. New developers also start their careers with a standard salary of ₹3.3LPA. They are also highly-remunerative employees in the international market. In Silicon Valley, the salary easily reaches the higher ranges for experienced employees and easily goes well beyond $131000. It is an enriching domain that allows you to make your family secure and also lets you enjoy your work.


Amazon Web Services is an ultra-modern IT platform that provides sophisticated cloud services with secure, user-convenient, and dynamic functions. It provides avant-garde solutions to top-level enterprises and a widespread end-user base. Proficiency skills in AWS is a marketable job trait and many companies in metropolitan cities look for it. If you are interested in entering the domain, you can advance your skills from anywhere in the world. Croma Campus offers AWS Online Training in Qatar and thirty other countries by the virtue of experienced trainers and an expertly researched curriculum. It is a highly-rated and more than a decade-old institute and has trained over 100 thousand students. For steady growth, you need technical skills and industry-specific insights, and it provides just that.


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