What is the Persian Cat Price in Gurgaon, India?

Persian cats are presently one of the most demanding breeds in India. Every cat enthusiast who wants to enjoy their time with a loving paw in their house wants to have a Persian cat. However, when buying a Persian cat, many things come to mind. One of the first things we all pay attention to is the cat price in India.

If you have landed on this page specifically to know the Persian cat price in Gurgaon, you have to know the other relative factors that come with it. You must understand that the cat price in India, especially for Persian cats, is relatively higher for many reasons. So, here we will find out some more details.

Factors affecting the cat price in India: 

  • Gender: You must know that the Persian cat price in Gurgaon will be different based on the gender you are choosing. The male Persian cats are generally higher compared to the females. So, if you plan to bring a male cat home, the price will be slightly higher than that of females.
  • Colors: The Persian cats are available in a range of colors and patterns like partly colored, tabby, bicolor and solid. While all of them have mostly similar price points, the bicolored Persian cats are more expensive than other varieties as these are rare.
  • Age: The next significant factor contributing to the Persian cat price in Gurgaon is the cat’s age. The breeder will generally have a lesser price tag when you choose a kitten rather than a fully grown cat. So we suggest you buy kittens as it helps you create bonds with your little one.
  • Pure breed: Most of the breeders also have different charges for kittens that are born from pedigreed parents. Apart from this, the owners must perform a thorough health check on the Persian cat, as Persians inherit some common issues from their genetics. Apart from this, the health check-up cost will vary from location to location.
  • Location: The location from where you choose to buy a Persian cat will also have a direct impact on the cat price in India. Remember that the urban areas will mostly have a higher price point than rural ones. So, when you choose to buy a Persian cat in Gurgaon, you need to pay slightly higher as the demands are always high in these locations.
  • Breeder: Last but not the least, the breeder you’re choosing will also have a direct impact on the price. If you’re choosing a new breeder, you might find a reasonable Persian cat price in Gurgaon, but it can be unreliable. However, when you select a reliable breeder like Mummy Cat, you will get Persian cats at a reasonable price. Remember that the reputation of the breeder will also have some impact on its price structure.

What are the other expenses? 

It is always better to make an informed decision rather than regretting later. Since Persian cats are among the most demanding breeds in the world, it already has a higher price tag. Apart from this, not only do you need to pay the initial price to bring this little pause at home, but several other expenses are associated with a Persian cat’s upbringing.

  • Persian cats require frequent grooming.
  • They need periodic health checks to ensure the best health condition.
  • You must buy the best food to let your Persian cats thrive and look fantastic.

So, these are all about the price and Persian cat expenses you must make. Choose Mummy Cat if you want a reasonable Persian cat price in Gurgaon. 


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