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What is power yoga?

By doing power yoga daily, you can stay fresh and healthy.

In today’s run-of-the-mill life, we want to do all the work from the remote, whether it is to change the TV channel or remove the window curtains. There is absolutely no time to pay attention to the health of the body. Earlier man used to fall ill when he was old, but nowadays many types of diseases like arthritis, heart attack, cancer, diabetes, blood pressure, and depression are falling in the young generation. But by doing power yoga, you can easily stay healthy for a short time.

Power Yoga

It is made by combining the 12 steps of Surya Namaskar, the main asana of Indian yoga, and some other asanas. This type of yoga has been adopted by many celebrities. It has a very important role in making zero figures and fitness. While girls are learning power yoga for weight loss and figure maintenance, young boys are also taking support of this yoga for fitness, strength, self-control, and concentration. This yoga can be done in 45 minutes and it is done only two or three days a week. And for this, it is necessary to have morning time.

This yoga started in the mid-1990s. Power yoga mainly depends on Ashtanga yoga. But it is slightly different from ordinary yoga. This is an athletic style of yoga, in which the emphasis is on strength and flexibility more than on the movement of breath and spirituality. There is no set range of postures, so styles can vary by teacher and instructor. In Power Yoga, different types of exercises are used on the basis of each person’s body. In Power Yoga, the instructors tell you to exercise tips according to your body. Four types of body shapes are generally considered in this yoga. Apple shape, pear shape, normal shape, and tube shape which is also known as zero figure. In this, there are different yoga exercises for each shape.

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Benefits of Power Yoga:

Reduce fat

From making muscles to reducing body fat can be done with power yoga. In ordinary yoga, where the emphasis is on the process of posture and breath, power yoga is more like a workout. In which there are various poses and exercises. Do power yoga at least thrice a week. In this, the body’s ability to burn calories increases, due to which the body can be given an attractive shape by reducing obesity easily.

Stay away from diseases:

By doing power yoga, blood circulation and immunity of the body increases. Due to this many diseases like asthma, arthritis, depression, diabetes, hypertension, etc. end.

Stay away from stress:

In the era of competition, everyone remains under stress due to domestic or official reasons. By doing power yoga, stress is reduced. Sweating removes toxins that harm the body, which increases self-control and concentration.

This yoga is an easy way to keep the body fit. This yoga is good for the youth of 16 to 30 years. Heart patients, low blood pressure, and pregnant women should not do this yoga. In this yoga, there is no emphasis on restraint and meditation which is the basic mantra of traditional yoga.

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