What is Amazon Payment Revision?

Lately, there was a question that has gained the attention of many shoppers why does Amazon keep saying payment revision is needed? The reason why this question has gained that much popularity is that it’s the common problem many buyers are facing these days.

If you are an Amazon buyer and reading the blog then you are at the right place. We have discovered the common reasons or you can say the mistakes you do while shopping on Amazon due to which you have to face payment revision notices. So, without wasting time let’s get into the guide:

What Does Payment Revision Mean on Amazon?

You can easily understand the name “revision” which means doing the same thing again. Therefore, payment revision will be trying a different payment method after the other. Now, Payment revision on Amazon, when a buyer buys any item and if that transaction fails or declines then Amazon will send notice to that buyer to revise his/her payment method to change that payment method and to use any other alternative method.

Amazon payment revision needed

Now, we will discuss what are the possible reasons when you will receive the revised payment method notice:

  1. Your bank declined or does not allow that payment your payment
  2. When you do not have sufficient funds in your account.
  3. When the transaction isn’t completed.
  4. When you accidentally refresh or close the page.
  5. When your transaction was in going and you pressed the backspace button.
  6. Technical issues like your bank account may be not properly connected to your Amazon account.
  7. When  you have mistakenly entered the wrong  billing address, card name or CVV.
  8. When your card is locked due to entering incorrect PIN SEVERAL TIMES.
  9. When you have a specific credit limit.

Fix Amazon Payment Revision

Now, here is the solution how to fix Payment revision error:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Go to “Your Orders.”
  3. Select the order you want to revise and then click on “Revise payment method.”
  4. After that choose the method that you want to use and then click on retry payment.


If you don’t want to revise the payment method and want to cancel the order then  go to Amazon payment revision needed and then click on cancel order.


Q1. How to make a revised payment on Amazon?

Ans.  Scroll to orders > find your relevant order > click on retry payment method > select the payment method and enter the details and then click confirm.

Q2. What does it mean Amazon says payment revision is needed?

Ans.  It means that the payment method that you are using is declined by Amazon and you have to change the payment method.

Q3. Can I change my Amazon payment after purchase?

Ans. Yes, you can use the Amazon payment method after the purchase.

Q4. Why does my card declined even though I have the money?

Ans. It might be possible that your daily credit limit reaches because there’s a difference between account balance and available balance.

Q5. Why does Amazon keep declining my transaction?

Ans. Well, there could be numerous reasons like you might have entered incorrect information or you may  not have enough money.


In the end, I hope that this guide proved helpful and informative for you. If you still have any question regarding Amazon payment revision, feel free to ask in the comment section, Thank you.

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