What is a Library Management System? Here are some of the major classes of library management software

What is a Library Management System? Here are some of the major classes of library management software

Library management is a difficult task for the institute as it involves handling multiple operations altogether and conducting monotonous tasks manually. It requires a large workforce to manage all the tasks. Even if they are managed well, there are chances of human errors in terms of book placements, user information, book status as well as tracking.

To solve the problem with library management, here’s an ERP solution called ‘Library management system’. 

What is a Library Management System?

A library management software is an ERP solution that helps institutes to automate and manage all library operations with ease. It helps the institute by maintaining the entire database of books and information about who has borrowed them and when is the due date.

All the library operations are completely digitized by the system. If you are looking for a robust solution that can maintain, handle and organize a countless number of books, the best solution is a library management system.

It also helps to find books instantaneously, issue or reissue any books and manage information in an organized manner. It reduces faculty workload and offers high security to the library data. Here are the classes of library management system-

Library Management System class 

All the library operations are centrally managed under a single system. It is a major part of the organization designed to handle the library system. The system helps institutes to manage their library operations with high accuracy and ease of use. The library software handles all modules including the accounts, fines, book issues, vendors, vendor payments, book stock, and others. 

User Class 

 It handles all the operations of the library from the user’s side. It involves searching books with names of authors, books, or genres. Further, the users can download e-books or PDFs of the documents they wish to access. It helps them to keep track of their issue dates, return dates, and fines and gives reminders regarding book returns. 

Librarian Class –

 It manages all operations of the Librarian. It helps the librarian to keep track of all books, details about the vendors, information about book stock, and availability of books. It also keeps a record of all the library members along with their details and contact number. 

Book Class –

 The book class contains all the information regarding books. The books contain RFID tag and their location and information are stored in the system. It includes names of book authors, and genres and suggests related books to the users. It tracks the books based on who has issued and when is its due date.

Account Class –

 It manages all operations of the account. All information regarding bank accounts of the vendors, bills, students are others is stored in the system. It keeps track of the financials of the library along with purchases, fines, and other expenses. It generates bills as well.

Library database Class –

 It manages all operations of the library database. All the data is stored on a cloud-based platform offering safe backup and ease of data access. The system helps the institute to keep years of data. All the library activities are tracked by the system. 

Staff Class –

 It contains information about the library staff. It ensures easy communication among the students and faculty members. The system ensures transparency of operations among all the individuals working in the library. Further, details about the staff are kept in the system along with their qualifications, and personal information. 


The library management system consists of six classes which are modules that help manage operations of all aspects of the library. The system ensures complete handling of library operations and reduces the workload of the faculty members to a large extent. The software is easy to use and highly intuitive for the users. It also ensures the accuracy and efficiency of the library system of the institute.

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