What Business Simulation Games are Available in the Market?

You can explore some parts of managing a business in a wholly virtual setting by playing business simulation games. You can learn both hard and soft business management skills from it. Want to start a business without taking any risks or working hard? Play a game of business simulation. These apps can help you showcase your abilities without the hassle of running a real business. Burgeoning entrepreneurs can benefit from playing business simulation games, which can be used to manage an amusement park, run a gaming development studio, or launch a business.

Games are made specifically to give the player a setting where they may hone their decision-making, entrepreneurship, teamwork, and other abilities. The gaming software solution developers like GammaStack also offer business simulation games to recreate real-life business environments in a better way. 

What are business simulation games?

You will be able to better grasp the entire process of founding, operating, and managing the enterprises if you consider the current situation and its consequences for the modern world. They are “edutainment” products that can assist you to improve your managerial abilities in the workplace. Company simulation games give you a virtual business scenario to examine, evaluate, plan, and then carry out in accordance with how well you comprehend the circumstances. The goal of creating these games is to simulate real-life duties, train, or analyze any specific issue.

Benefits of playing business simulation games

  • It can help you to avoid similar errors in the real gaming business world. 
  • Playing business simulation games can also help you improve your operations, communication, leadership, and other soft business skills.
  • You may use it to gain practical abilities unique to your industry.
  • It can provide you with a virtual business scenario that you can watch, examine, and then execute based on how well you grasp the circumstances.

According to the research by the experts, there are the following simulation games available for improving your business skills. 

Youtubers Life

You must manage your social life, schooling, and eventually your workforce in addition to developing a social media profile. A single-player video game called Youtubers Life was launched in 2016. You are placed in the lowly position of a YouTuber attempting to launch a channel with some basic tools in Youtubers Life. In October 2021, YouTubers Life 2 was released. It offers new features including real-life YouTubers who play the game and other forms of content to cover. Youtubers Life 2 is available on Steam and may be played on Windows, Nintendo, macOS, Switch, and PlayStation 4.

Transport Fever

With the addition of airports and harbors, Transport Fever, the game’s successor to Train Fever, lets you develop into a real transportation tycoon rather than just a master of the railroads. You want to make it easier to move people around within and between towns. Both the U.S. and Europe offer campaigns with goals based on real-world transportation difficulties. You must decide which vehicles will accomplish this task at the lowest cost and when to change to newer models. In 2016, Transport Fever was made available. The game is available on Steam and may be played on Microsoft Windows, Linux, or macOS.


The multiplayer business simulation games in the virtonomics series include virtonomics Tycoon, virtonomics manager, and entrepreneur. Users select their objectives for the game; the most popular objective is to create a prosperous business in a cutthroat society. Numerous industries, including agriculture, manufacturing, retail, banking, marketing, and science, are available to players. It is employed for leisure, instruction, and the growth of leadership.

RollerCoaster Tycoon 

There are now nine versions of RollerCoaster Tycoon, which was first made accessible in 1999. Access it on Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch after purchasing it on Steam. You have the responsibility of building and customizing roller coasters and adventure rides as a manager. RollerCoaster Tycoon, a video game that is a simulation of an amusement park, guides you through the challenges of creating and operating a theme park.

Rise of Industry

In Rise of Industry, you take on the role of an industrialist from the early 1900s. In the game, you construct and oversee a developing empire. Some well-known gaming software providers such as GammaStack are also implementing some of the features of this simulation gaming for negotiating business deals and finding the gaps in the market. Construction of manufacturing and transportation networks is an option; search for the next great thing. It is accessible for purchase on steam and uses windows, Linux, or macOS to play it.

Final Thoughts

You may be able to better illustrate theoretical business topics by using business simulation games. A simulation allows you to make your own business decisions and handle the consequences while also involving and empowering people in your real-world enterprise. Some of the instances of business simulations include those that were just mentioned. These can assist you in participating in business simulations and enhancing your marketable business abilities.

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