Used container for sale

Used container for sale range from nearly brand new to a total wreck. Here is a breakdown of the quality of our used containers in case you’re interested in purchasing a secondhand container for sale.

Used containers are readily available for nearly every container type.

A used container for sale is available from us with a current CSC plate for shipping and transportation purposes. Please be aware that Shippers’ Certificates are issued upon request at the time of order and before equipment distribution.

There is more weight and significance on the aesthetic quality of previously used storage containers. If you’re looking for a used shipping container, a decent one will serve as a storage unit for much longer than a substandard one. On average, used shipping containers have been in use for more than 12 years before being put up for sale. Occasionally, we will have in-stock coin containers that are only slightly used.

Please refer to our used ISO container rating scheme down below. Please use this only as a general suggestion.

There is no rust or corrosion on the panels, and they are in generally good cosmetic shape both inside and out.

Spotless and unmatchable flooring.

All doors are operational and have full gaskets. The ability to open and close the device is simple.

Definition of Terms: (CSC) I’m in fine shape. CSC updates are possible every 30 months without rusting.

The top 10–15 percent of used container for sale are of this caliber. The wind and water tightness of the container is guaranteed to last for many years with no significant repairs or maintenance.

Cosmetically, the panels are in acceptable shape, both inside and out. There may be some rust and dents, but deterioration is likely to be minimal.

The flooring may be satisfactory, but it will likely be damaged in some way, stained, or both.

Each door works.

– Structural; (Common Science Center) I pristine. There is no advanced corrosion, and the CSC upgrade timeline can be as short as 30 months.

More or less the usual for previously used storage containers. The container can keep out the elements, however, with time it may need repairs due to quality decline.


Panels are typically in bad shape, with rust and corrosion.

The flooring is functional.

Every door works.

Definition of Terms: (CSC) A satisfactory state of preservation. Potentially acceptable for a rather quick CSC refresh.

This standard is the average for the lowest 20% of previously used container for sale. The container can keep out wind and water, but only for so long before it needs to be repaired to keep its watertight seal.

Tradecorp is the place to go if you’re in the market for new and used shipping containers of various sizes (20, 40, 40 HC, and 45 HC) as well as 1-Trip containers. For more than 35 years, Tradecorp has specialized in the sale and rental of a wide range of containerized goods, including new and used shipping containers, refrigerated containers, general-purpose containers, offshore DNV, open-top containers, flat rack containers, bulkers, tank containers, and many more. Get in touch with Tradecorp if you need reliable 20′, 40′, 40’HC, and 45’HC shipping containers (both new and used) or 1-Trip containers.


These compact storage options will help you free up valuable room. Just what you need for construction sites with a small footprint. It’s also a convenient place to stash away miscellaneous hardware, tools, and supplies that wouldn’t otherwise find a home. They’re stackable, so you can maximize your storage efficiency. It’s not less sturdy because it’s smaller. They can withstand the same levels of pressure as any other intermodal container.


A greater number of entrances shortens the time it takes to move goods. These supplementary entryways facilitate both loading and unloading operations. It is possible to speed up the loading and unloading procedures by having multiple teams work together simultaneously. You can store your goods in these containers until you need to get to them.


Maintaining a constant internal environment temperature and humidity despite changes in ambient temperature. The temperature of the cargo is maintained by these refrigerated containers. Similar to refrigerated containers, but without the use of a cooling system, are insulated containers. Short-distance delivery of perishable goods is possible without the need for refrigeration systems.


There is a high need for specialized products in the industrial, mining, and construction sectors, including Accommodation and Logistics Projects. We are accustomed to meeting the specific container requirements of a wide range of projects.


The offshore oil and gas sector needs safer and stronger containers for transporting goods from platform to platform rather than on land. These containers are approved for usage offshore and will keep your supplies safe. Offshore DNV 2.7-1 shipping containers are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations from Tradecorp. Those interested in renting a DNV container are asked to get in touch with us.


Would you like to rent a storage unit in your area? A storage container is a cheap and convenient solution for putting away extra furniture, seasonal decorations, or other objects that are cluttering up your house or place of business. Keep things neat with the help of a storage container rental, but if you’d rather buy a new one, we have a wide variety of sizes and styles available.



We’ve made significant strides toward minimalism with The Bachelor, our smallest plan to date. The entire structure fits inside a single 20-foot container and includes a bedroom, couch, kitchenette, and bathroom all on the ground level. Small and unpretentious, the Bachelor is perfect for a spare bedroom in the garden or as a weekend getaway in the mountains.

One Room

Chair with armrests

Living Quarters

Miniature Kitchen

a single lavatory

The Payoneer’s Home

Our most popular model- features a ground-level bedroom & additional loft area above the kitchen and bathroom. This is constructed within one 40′ containers. The Payoneer includes a magnificent kitchen with full-size equipment in a range of finishes. This container also has a bathtub or walk-in shower.

One Room

Living Room

Living Quarters

Luxurious Kitchen


The Payoneer’s Home 3

Our most popular model- features a ground-level bedroom & additional loft area above the kitchen and bathroom. This is constructed within one 40′ containers. The Payoneer includes a magnificent kitchen with full-size equipment in a range of finishes. This container also has a bathtub or walk-in shower.

2 Bedroom

1 Kitchen

Living Area 1

Size 40ft

We have services in



Cryogenic Tanks


Conclusion: –

Our organization containershomeplans provided used container for sale in the USA, CANADA, UK, And adjacent places.


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