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Unique Features of SAP HCM and its Future Scope


SAP HCM (Human Resource Management) simplifies and automates administrative HR operations and lowers costs and time. However, this functional SAP module helps to standardize and consolidate workforce-related processes and relevant data on a single platform. It also helps you to relieve your HR staff to focus on activities that result in real business value and enable line managers to bring out productivity improvements while adhering to local laws and regulations. Moreover, SAP HCM provides a single, trustworthy, and accurate source of employee data that is generally available in real-time across a business. Thus, to learn about this module and have in-depth knowledge about the features of SAP HCM, enrolling in the SAP HCM Online Training is necessary.

Functions of SAP HCM

Integrating SAP HCM in your organization may help you enjoy different features and functionality. These features include the following:

● Employee Administration

It helps in the automation of all basic processes associated with employment and personnel information administration.

Moreover, it employs a centralized database to present employees and others in management with consistent, up-to-date information to support business-related decisions.

● Organizational Management

SAP HCM helps to communicate and manage the policy information and organizational structure. It also helps to provide position management to create building blocks for talent and HR management.

● Global Employee Administration

It covers the activities involved in global employee migration, ranging from assignment planning and preparation to payroll and personnel administration.

● Time & Attendance

SAP HCM module facilitates successful time-management practices. Also, it provides tracks, records, monitors, and evaluates real-time data.

● Payroll reporting

The main feature of SAP is to handle complex payroll operations. In addition, it supports legal rules in the majority of nations across the world and assures compliance with all regulatory requirements for reporting reasons. However, it addresses various considerations, such as different languages, national currencies, collective agreements, reporting, etc.

● E-Recruitment

It is an automated web-based recruiting procedure that supports HR professionals in hiring qualified candidates. It also allows for new approaches to recruitment procedures in a company.

● Time Management

This feature of SAP helps in planning, tracking, and evaluating an employee’s performance over a specific period. This procedure assesses the employees’ presence and absence in the organization. Also, the time management procedure includes attendance management, wage computation, log-in, and log-out reports, and so forth.


Employee Self-Service (ESS) allows employees to monitor many data points about their time in a business. On the other hand, Management Self-Service (MSS) is a crucial method for managers to produce and maintain personnel data.

Career Scope in SAP HCM

It offers multiple modules. Thus, certification in such modules gives individuals several chances to improve their career options, abilities, and market worth. The extensive expertise gained in the domain of SAP enables them to obtain high returns in a short time.

However, any certification in the module is ideal for team members, project leaders, or SAP consultants working in the HR domain. Moreover, It is a beneficial tool in the hands of SAP experts looking to expand their knowledge of the SAP Business Suite products. Also, candidates can benefit from a prior understanding of business procedures, the human resources area, SAP tools, and the fundamentals of internet technology.

Salary Structure for SAP HCM

Having an SAP HCM Certification can help you advance in your job. However, It Consultants account for 15.4% of SAP HCM-certified professionals, followed by SAP HR consultants (5.01%), It functional consultants (3.82%), and after that HR Executives (3.82%).

Moreover, Accenture pays the most for SAP HCM specialists in India, with an annual package of 23.67 lacs, while TCS pays the least, with 20 lacs. Even recent graduates with SAP certification receive excellent pay packages.


To conclude, we have compiled the different functions of SAP and the future scope available for such professionals. Also, we have mentioned the salary package of SAP HCM professionals. Thus, this article will make you aware of the unlimited opportunities available if you are interested in going for a certification in Human Resource Management. Therefore, to make a career in this domain, you can enrol in the SAP HCM Training in Gurgaon.

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