Ultimate Guide to MBA in UK


The MBA has always been a source of enthusiasm in the UK. As an MBA aspirant, I cannot begin to explain how thrilled I was writing this blog. The UK is home to over 395 universities which welcome over 5 Lakhs international students every year. Being the second most important educational center for international students, the UK is a true cultural melting pot. Here is Ultimate Guide to MBA in UK for candidates who want to make good career with MBA degree.

Students have the opportunity to mingle with like-minded people from different backgrounds. However, pursuing an MBA in the UK can be tricky especially if it’s your first time traveling overseas. This ultimate guide to studying the MBA in the UK will teach you everything you need to know about pursuing an MBA in UK.

Guide to MBA in UK

Reasons to Study MBA in UK

Why one should pursue maters degree from UK? It’s a question you’ve in all probability asked yourself a hundred times. Whether you received a satisfactory answer or not, I will take the liberty of presenting 6 compelling reasons why an MBA in UK for Indian students is a home run!

Duration of MBA Program in UK

Arguably, one of the main reasons students pursue their MBA abroad is because of the shorter course duration. Traditionally, an MBA program lasts up to 24 months, however, most MBA programs in the UK last no longer than 12 months.

This means..

Less time = less expense = more savings!

In addition, a majority of UK universities recognize India’s 3-year Baccalaureate system.

Affordable Tuition for MBA Universities in UK

MBA universities in the UK are relatively more affordable than US business schools. Tuition fees for one-year MBA programs range between £10,000 and £15,000, while MBA programs at top schools like Oxford and Cambridge potentially cost up to £45,000.

However, students should not compromise on their dreams of attending a world-class university just because of their limited financial resources. Get in touch with an online student loan marketplace where students can get safe and reliable student loans for their MBA from the world’s most popular lenders. Visit Education Consultants Abroad today and find your perfect education loan.

Variety of MBA Courses

The UK offers students a diverse range of programs, compared to other countries. Besides core management subjects such as economics, finance, management operations, human resources, accounting, marketing, information systems and quantitative methods, a number of other elective courses are also offered to students.

Strong Research Infrastructure

30% of UK university research is rated as ‘world leading’ and 46% as ‘internationally excellent’ according to Research Excellence Framework (REF) surveys and studies. REF is the system for assessing the quality of research at UK higher education institutions.

Main MBA Program

MBA business schools in the UK have set the benchmark for teaching and research in universities and colleges. The student profile and program portfolio tend to attract some of the best global recruiters. Having an MBA in the UK will definitely give you a competitive edge over others once you return to your country.

Alumni Network

Your MBA journey doesn’t end after you graduate. Once you complete your MBA, you gain alumni status and the right to join the alumni club. A strong alumni network provides networking opportunities and opens up a rich reservoir of resources and knowledge that will impact your career in the future.

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