Types of Pastry Boxes

Pastries are among the most delicate of confectionaries, and they need special protection due to their creamy topping. They will definitely attract attention if they are packaged in a stylish box. Pastry boxes are a good choice for this purpose, as you can order them 24 hours in advance and be assured that they will arrive in perfect condition. Here’s how to order your own Custom Pastry Boxes:

Recycled Cupcake Holder Inserts

Recycled cupcake holder inserts are perfect for pastry boxes. Made of kraft and white paper board, they offer the perfect way to hold cupcakes. The kraft and white inserts come in two sizes: standard and jumbo. They coordinate perfectly with window boxes and are made in the USA. They’re 100% recyclable and meet FDA requirements for food packaging. And the best part is, that they’re totally free of BPA, phthalates, and other chemicals.

You can purchase these recycled cupcake holder inserts for pastry boxes in sets of 50 or less. They’re also easy to assemble without tools. One downside to these boxes is that they come in plain brown color, and do not come with fun designs. Another disadvantage is that the rigid tabs of the inserts can firmly hold the cupcakes while in transportation, making it hard to remove them. If you’re planning to buy these boxes for large-scale baking, you may want to consider ordering them in quantities of less than 180.

Customized Pastry Boxes

You’re not just getting a standard size when you buy a customized pastry box. You can choose your own print design, or you can choose from stock graphics. Your box will be made of cardboard paper and will be foldable at the top. Customized pastry boxes are a great way to attract potential customers from a distance. Depending on the type of pastry, you can even choose the color to match. The custom-printed box will complement the pastry perfectly.

Your bakery products are very delicate, and custom packaging is essential to make them look appealing. Custom pastry boxes help you stand out from the competition and make your products more memorable. Whether you want to send baked items to your customers or give out edible wedding favors, a box with a window will make them feel more welcome and entice them to buy your goods. Plus, the window lets potential customers see the inside without having to open the box.

Paper board

Bakery boxes made from white kraft board are the perfect size for cookies, muffins and cakes. Their attractive, white design makes them easy to label, and they come in standard sizes. Because they are made from a stronger paperboard, they are approved for commercial composting. You can even print your logo on the box! Here’s a guide to choosing the right box for your business! Keep reading to find out more about the types of pastry boxes.

There are many different types of paperboard used for pastry boxes. A great option for a pie box is the virgin paper board. However, the duplex paper board will require lamination from the inside. The latter type will look good and have great design prints. When comparing paperboard for pastry boxes, make sure to choose the grade that will best suit your brand. If you don’t want to risk food safety, choose a food-grade board instead.


Window pastry boxes are used to display pastries, cakes, and other sweet treats. They are biodegradable and compostable provided by CustomBoxesPlace. Each box measures approximately 8 x 5.5 inches, with a two-inch-high window for easy viewing. These boxes are great for serving desserts to guests and are environmentally friendly. They are also perfect for displaying work, such as wedding cakes and cookies. However, you should note that these product names are trademarks of their respective manufacturers.

Cake-like pastries are often packaged in window pastry boxes. Window boxes give customers a good look at the product without exposing the treat itself. A great way to showcase your baked goods is to use one of these elegant boxes. These are available in a variety of sizes, and many of them feature a window to show off the delicious treats inside. These boxes are made of eco-friendly paperboard and biodegradable window film. They are easy to assemble and have easy-to-follow fold guidelines. Plus, they’re BPA-free, which means you don’t have to worry about your food’s safety. They’re also guaranteed!



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