Types of Commercial Modular Construction

Did you know that the typical American home takes 7 months to construct? This is due to the complexity of housing construction. Today’s cities have stringent building regulations and permit requirements. But what if you want to build your own house but can’t wait another 7 months? 

Modular constructed buildings are the answer. We’ll talk about the various kinds of commercial modular construction in this post by Curt Ranta. There is the ideal modular construction option for your company, from speed to affordability. Continue reading to learn more!

What is Modular Construction?

The term “modular” construction is well-known. Everyone in the real estate industry uses the term “modular construction,” but what does it entail? The method of putting together prefabricated building components to create a structure is known as modular construction. 

It is untrue to think that modular construction is something you make in a factory and transport to a location. 

Each module is built offsite before delivery to the installation site for assembly. This construction method is popular among contractors looking to save money. It is frequently preferred over conventional construction because it is more efficient.

Types of Modular Construction 

Is it time for you to build your dream home? Do you think it would be easier to build your own custom home? If you’re a bit of a nerd like me, you’re probably wondering which modular construction is right for you. Well, Curt explains them below.

1. Open Modular Construction

Construction was a very complex industry in the past. Each trade had its own rules, methods, and tools. The result was a highly inefficient process and an expensive final product. This is changing with the emergence of open modular construction. It is a unique building process that uses prefabricated units like modules and pods. It’s a very user-friendly and efficient process, and the construction industry is finally catching on.

2. Closed Modular Construction

Concerned about the cost, time, and hassle of a conventional home build but want to build a new house? Many people are turning to modular construction, also known as “offsite construction,” because it is: 

  • Faster.
  • Less expensive.
  • More environmentally friendly. 

In closed modular construction, prefabricated, factory-built components are used. The components flawlessly fit together during design makes the building process more straightforward.

3. Relocatable Building 

Have you ever heard of relocatable buildings? Most people haven’t, but that’s because they’re a relatively new concept and a popular option among builders. They’re more: 

  • Affordable.
  • Easier to build.
  • Offers more flexibility.

They also allow you to build in the right spot at the right time, and if you need to move in the future, you can do so without leaving a massive hole in your yard. 

4. Permanent Modular Construction

Permanent modular construction is a combination of offsite construction with the use of standardized modules and traditional on-site construction. This new form of construction may be similar to the traditional approach. However, it has some very unique benefits that traditional construction does not.  

For instance, it is a system that uses premade components to create: 

  • Structural walls.
  • Floors.
  • Roofs. 

The building is then finished on-site, with the installation of exterior and interior walls, doors, windows, and utilities such as: 


  • Plumbing.
  • Electrical.
  • HVAC. 

This is an excellent option for builders because it can be used for any building and can typically be constructed in a fraction of the time compared to a traditional building.

The Bottom Line 

In conclusion, commercial modular construction is a revolutionary building system that provides everything the traditional building system has but more. These four types of construction have different things that they offer. One must know which one you should choose according to your situation. We are sure that this article by Curt Ranta will prove to be helpful to you. 


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