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Top 6 Fake Facebook Chat Generator Tools to Prank Your Friends / Family

Apart from all this, it is also possible to create false Facebook posts, statuses, and even comments on Facebook to fool your friends. Everyone loves to engage in fun actions that could be enjoyed and enjoyed by friends. In this article, I’m going to recommend you some fake Facebook chat generator tools, or you could use websites using which you can design Facebook fake statuses, comments, and fake statuses in a matter of minutes.

How to create a Fake Facebook Message?

Here, I’ve shared helpful fake status generators online tools that can create fake posts and messages that can be used to fool your family and friends. You can use a fake facebook chat generator to make fake Facebook conversations that look like real ones.

1. is a great website that allows users to build faux Facebook chats in just a few seconds. All you have to fill in the required information for a chat, and by using the information, you can create a fake Facebook message that looks exactly like the real Facebook chats appear. You won’t be able to publish anything on this website, however, you can pictures of the chat and make hilarious memes or jokes with your friends and family members. Do it!

2. is a fun and entertaining web application that lets users effortlessly make false Facebook statuses and even conversations. Before creating fake statuses first, you must log in to the Facebook account. The fake statuses and chats appear as authentic as the real Facebook statuses and chats look. It is not possible to publish anything on this site, however, you can take pictures of fake conversations. You can save it on your device. And later, you can show your friends the fake chat and laugh with them.


With this tool, you are able to create faux Facebook posts, statuses and likes chats, and even comments. You can easily alter your Facebook profile photo as well as the name of your profile, and you can alter everything. The false Facebook status generator isn’t associated with Facebook and you are able to snap photographs from fake conversations. You are not able to publish any content on Facebook. Make your friends laugh and make them believe in something spooky and inform them that it was a screenshot from the Facebook page. If you’re seeking a fake Status generator for different social media platforms and devices, then Simitator can be used for Twitter, Snapchat, iOS text messages, and many more.


Thewallmachine is a no-cost and easy fake Facebook chat tool to create hilarious fake Facebook profiles and news feeds, chats as well as Facebook walls. It’s a simple website for users. The wall itself can be changed. This app lets you include status updates, friend notifications, and photo updates to walls. You need to sign into Facebook for this application. It is not possible to publish anything on Facebook through this website. It is only possible to use this site to trick your friends. You could also take a photo from the chats that are fake.


This website allows users to create personalized Facebook status updates and realistic images that show false Facebook status that includes comments, replies, and likes. It is not necessary to sign up for Facebook for accessing this website. This is great for those who do not use Facebook or don’t wish to sign up for a website such as “”, “Thewallmachine” and so on.


Prankmenot isn’t just an untrue Facebook Wall generator but it’s much more than that. It can also create tweets and messages from tweeters that never existed. You can create faux Facebook status updates as well as fake tweets in any method you like, and then fool your friends. You can also impersonate celebrities to have a chat to trick your friends. With this application, you can upload your profile photo or write a status, pick comments, and likes, and make use of a myriad of amazing features. You don’t even have to sign in to Facebook or sign up, and you can take a photo to display the fake information to your Facebook friends.


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