Top 5 Yacht Brokerages Companies for Luxurious and Adventurous Experience in Dubai

Yachting is the most adventurous thing in Dubai. This fascination needs a good yacht which gives you interrupted yachting experience. Buying a new yacht or a used yacht is a bit of a tedious task as one needs good expertise in this. The best way to buy a yacht is through the yacht brokerage companies that are popular in Dubai. With them you can get best in class functionality luxury yachts at the most affordable price. Since these brokerages companies hold years of experience and industry knowledge, you can entirely count on them for buying or selling yachts. Yacht brokerages companies in Dubai provide ample services that include both buying and selling new yachts and also used yachts. Apart from this, they also provide additional services that a yacht needs in totality.

All yacht enthusiasts can rely on yacht brokers in Dubai that offer dedicated and intricate luxury yacht services that are looked after by professionals who fathom yachting.

Some of the best and leading yacht brokerages companies in Dubai are

  1. Bush and Noble –

Bush and noble offers a wide range of yachting services. They are a well known name in the yachting market and provide end to end assistance in yacht buying and selling services. Clients can choose a yacht from their extensive fleet of yachts that they possess. Their wide platform of buying and selling of yachts gives clients ample choices which they can make as per their requirement. The process is simple. One simply has to register their yacht in their website and get wide exposure in the yachting world and get quick transactions in terms of buying and selling. The dedicated team represents their client’s yachts to potential customers and do all sorts of negotiations so that the clients get the best deal. They also advise clients regarding maintenance and upgrading their existing yacht for better deals.

  1. Fraser Yacht-

Fraser yacht is a well renowned name in the yachting world. They are unparalleled in yacht management and yacht transaction services. The company operates from Dubai and has a wide range of clientele. They are working with dedicated brokers who are extensively trained for buying and selling processes.  They have a wide plethora of yachts for sale which include, super yachts, mega yachts, classic sailing boats and others. Whether one is looking for a used yacht or a brand new one, Fraser yacht can is the one stop solution for transparent yacht transactions.

  1. Glamour yacht

This young yacht brokerage company is catering to the yachting needs of myriads of clients. They have a large inventory of all types of yachts for varied customers. Glamour yacht assists buyers and sellers for the best yacht deal they can have as they have years of experience and long established reputation in the yacht brokerage market. They have strong negotiation skills that sets them apart from others. Their negotiators are well aware of the market trend and know exactly how to fix a deal with the best profits. They have a productive and operative marketing team who works diligently with clients for buying and selling so that their clients get quick and unstressed deals.

  1. Yacht world-

yacht world is a dynamic yacht broker company that offers a perfect platform where clients can sell their yacht at the best market price. The company has an effective marketing team that works hand in hand with the clients to sell or buy a yacht within a limited span of time. Being a top notch brokerage company they have an exposure of a wide and active network that facilitates the transaction process. They also understand the market trend and what buyers are looking for exactly. In short they know buyers expectations and offer quick and hassle free solutions.

  1. Boat International-

Boat international has a large inventory of yachts for sale that includes motor yacht, sailing yacht, explorer yacht and classic yacht. One can visit their website and filter their search by age of the yacht, length, pricing and other parameters. The Company also hosts a series of events and awards programs which includes super yacht design festival, explorer yacht summit, ocean talk, the ocean awards, and many more to create their strong bastion in the yachting world.


Glamour Yacht is a leading yacht brokerage company that provides comprehensive yacht consultancy services for yacht buyers and sellers.

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