Top 5 Male Influencers To Follow In 2022 

Where back then being active on Instagram was a sign of a spoiled brat, narcissistic, or jobless. Now! We people have started looking up to those influencers who have hundreds and thousands of followers.

Micro-to-huge brands collaborate with these influencers to market their products. Have you ever thought, about why they do so? It’s because people trust people.

And, fashion influencers don’t only showcase the product & their own style but they also share amazing tips & tricks to elevate your fashion sense to the next level. Fashion is all about experimenting. And, if you’re someone who doesn’t have time for experiments. These fashion influencers have done all the hard work for you.

So. Keep quiet and set out to show up with a stunning look every day by following the awesome fashion tips, tricks, and style secrets these influencers share.

5 Best Male Fashion influencers To Follow In 2022

Male fashion influencers are everywhere. You can choose to follow them on whichever platform you like the most. If you’re a reading freak, read fashion blogs that allow you to gather deep information through internal linking. If you obsessively use social media. Follow the male influencers there. Or if you don’t wanna miss any upcoming tricks and tips of your favorite influencer. Just subscribe to their youtube channel.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get acquitted with the best male fashion influencers whose fashion advice can change your life.

1. Tejeshwar Sandhoo

The founder of Blueberry blackout Tejeshwar Sandhoo has won a lot of fashionistas’ hearts. He actively writes blogs on his website and stays active on Instagram. From unique styles to sexuality and grooming tips everything he covers in his blogs. 

Furthermore, Tajeshwar is also planning to launch his youtube channels on the popular demand of these fans.

The center of attraction in his Instagram profiles is stylish shirts for men that he always recommends to his fans all the time.

2. Allen Claudius 

On his, Instagram handles bowtie and bones blogs Allen has earned thousands of active fans who wait for his post every day. The engagement on his post and reels are quite high. This Maharastra-based blogger and social media influencer doesn’t only share wisdom about fashion but traveling as well. Recently, he has been seen in the Maldives on his Instagram post wearing an embroidered shirt for men 

3. Usmaan Siddiqui

The man behind your favorite youtube channel is no The Dapper Style else but Usmaan Siddiqui. His videos get amazing engagements. You can also get in touch with his style of short videos on Instagram.

4. Nikhil Khandari 

The musician who turned into a lifestyle & fashion blogger is Nikhil Khandari. Fashion blogging is not his full-time job. But, still, he manages to provide amazing content on a regular basis to his friends.

5. Jeremy C

The presence of Jeremy C is not only limited to India but worldwide. His unique sense of fashion & writing style is something that attracts the masses. Follow him on his blogs on, Jeremy C or Fashion Most Wanted.


I hope you loved reading about the 5 best male fashion influencers to follow in India. Following the best always brings out the best in you. So, set out to learn from the style experts and WOW your friends by getting dressed in stunning style.


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