Tips to Get Cheap Flights to Orlando, Disney World 🏰

There’s no doubt that traveling to major top destinations in the world is an expensive deal- especially if you’ve opted for air travel. However, through this article, we are going to share some reliable and proven tips to assist you in grabbing cheap flights to Orlando. Besides that, we’ll share everything you need to know about this magnificent Disney World. 

In the past few years, finding cheap flights to Orlando, Florida has been more difficult. You must have seen increasing air tickets and airlines are trying to add more and more miscellaneous costs to the itineraries to make a profit including extra costs for checked bags, airline meals, and even checked bags. 

The first thing to do when planning your vacation to Orlando is to determine from which airport you will fly. There are two airports available in Orlando, namely Orlando International Airport (MCO), and Orlando Executive Airport (ORL), and Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB). We’ve heard others recommend Sanford as a cheaper option for flights.

We searched for hundreds of cheap flights to Orlando and, during the search, we found that Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB) has very few airline options. And, we’re not even sure if they were real or not. Hence, it’s better to avoid flying through this airport. 

Perhaps SFB is the right flight for you if you are into misery. But make sure you travel through Allegiant airlines. You should also remember that Disney doesn’t provide a free shuttle service to or from Sanford. This means you will need to find transportation from Sanford to Central Orlando by yourself. You’ll also find more expensive rental cars at SFB because it is a smaller airport than the other two.

What do we suggest? Avoid Sanford at all costs. When planning, focus on Orlando International Airport. Much closer to Walt Disney, the airport includes a tram terminal from where you can easily reach Orlando’s attractions. Besides that, non-stop cheap flights to Orlando are available to more than 130 destinations across the globe.

Now that you have a basic understanding of this airport, let’s look at how to save money and find cheap flights to Orlando. ITA Matrix is our recommended starting point. This is basically a cleaner and more powerful version that Google runs. And, you only need to use its basic functionality! 

We recommend using the adding or subtracting days component of the ITA Matrix or the monthly or yearly view if your dates are flexible. You should also specify the length of your stay. This is because you never know what ticket rates may change. If airfare prices fluctuate enough, it could be cheaper to go on a 6-day vacation than a 5-day.

ITA Software is not a booking tool. Hence, to make the reservations for your cheap flights to Orlando, you need to directly book through the airline or use OTAs (Online Travel Agents) including Momondo, Cheapflights, Cruxair, Expedia, and many more.

If you are still planning, another tip is to fly from Monday to Friday in order to find cheaper flights to Orlando, Florida. Weekend flights are practically more pricey than those that fly Monday through Thursday.

What’s more? The best time to make a flight reservation is basically 34 to 86 days before the departure date. There is no best time that can be booked so when you’re itinerary is ready, go for the booking! Though there are some travelers who may find it scary to wait for a couple of days to make a booking. However, if you make the flight reservations too early, you will likely overpay.

The inventory of airline seats is dynamic, meaning that empty seats on a flight are worthless. Airlines will start pricing tickets aggressively to encourage bookings and ensure there are a couple of available seats for the travelers. This is also a negative because prices can go up if early flight reservations or tickets are not made as expected. Booking flights is a risk that you must take. It’s something we take. 

However, we know from experience that it is better to risk an increase than wait. Prices will often fall- instead of rising. Only major holidays like Easter, Christmas, and Thanksgiving are when bookings should be made early.

You can also use fare alerts available on a plethora of OTA’s websites and mobile applications; if you are flexible with travel dates and your trip is unplanned. You can also set parameters here to receive emails when prices drop. But, this can be quite thrilling as you will start receiving alerts about airfare deals that were beyond your limit. They can be either too good or too bad. 

There are several ways to get absolutely free or cheap flights to Orlando. Credit card rewards and Airline’s loyalty programs are the best and fastest way to get free airfare. Many travelers have secured 20 flights free of charge by using register bonuses from Southwest, United, and Delta cards over the past several years. 

We have seen people not paying any interest on their credit cards and accumulating many other perks. Credit cards are a great tool that you can use to get cheap flights to Orlando and enjoy other exciting perks. This option may not be for everyone, as we know that many people aren’t comfortable with credit cards.

Another tip to grab cheap flights to Orlando is to make bookings through a specific airline. For example- you can stick with United Airlines – being a regular customer you can earn rewards and even frequent flyer miles with United Airlines (UA). We don’t recommend worrying if you fly less than six times annually. Because you never know what the future may bring, it is a good idea to open frequent flyer accounts with every airline that you fly. If you do not fly often, however, it is not a logical idea to stick to a specific airline.

Instead, search for the lowest flight prices, the best times to fly, or the favorite airways that you enjoy flying most. Direct flights are strongly recommended, especially if you travel in winter or other times when the weather is unpredictable. Your flights could be affected even if your destination is not in snowy weather.

We recommend Southwest the most. Many travel blogs aren’t as positive towards Southwest as you would expect. This is due to the airline’s bad reputation (such as its “cattle call”) in the past.

Southwest, despite being beaten by legacy carriers has managed to maintain its edge through exceptional client support and timely response. 

We recommend Southwest if it is reasonably priced compared to its peer carriers. However, make sure to add baggage fees to your calculations! We would recommend that you avoid airlines like Frontier and Spirit at all cost. Do not fly Spirit and Frontier, even if they offer half the airfare. 

This covers the basics of finding the best yet cheap flights to Orlando. While there are many travel hacks that can be applied, it is not possible to save money on the most costly part of your Orlando trip.

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