The Trade of Shop Fittings

Office Refurbishment Dundee, The trade of shop fitterings is the practice of fitting out retail, service, and other types of stores and outlets. It covers all types of outlets, from small corner shops to hypermarkets. In the process of fitting out an outlet, a shop fitter will design and plan the layout, and install equipment and services.

Benefits of a shop fitterings

A shop fittings company can help you improve the look and feel of your business by ensuring the proper flow and design of your store. It also ensures that your customers can navigate easily and find what they are looking for. With the proper shop fittings, you can make sure your customers have a pleasant shopping experience while maximizing your profit.

Store fittings are also beneficial for promoting your products and brand. For example, well-designed display areas can make your merchandise stand out and grab customers’ attention. Moreover, they help you put up signage and display your products in the best possible light. They are also a great way to use space that is otherwise unoccupied.

A shop fittings company can also offer you bespoke solutions that suit the needs of your customers. They can provide air conditioning, energy-efficient units, and lighting systems. Moreover, they can work with many different manufacturers and offer customised solutions to meet your business’ needs.


There are several elements that you need to consider when calculating the costs of shop fittings. For example, melamine carcasses are cost-effective, while backlit PVC graphics and neon brand signage can be very expensive. Other cost-effective shopfitting elements include vinyl signage and suspended ceiling rolls.

Choosing a partner that offers quality and affordable shopfittings is a great way to minimise the costs of the project. However, you must be aware that shopfitting projects can take longer than planned. As a result, it is important to calculate the extra days required for installation. Be sure to discuss these issues with your external shopfitting contractor before proceeding.

The cost of a shop fitting project will vary according to the specification and the number of fixtures. A small coffee shop, for instance, will not need many fittings, whereas a large retail outlet will require a large amount. It is also important to know that many shopfitting companies charge hourly, so the longer your project lasts, the higher the costs will be. In addition, custom furniture, climate control systems, decorative flooring, and other special fittings will incur extra costs.


There are various types of shop fittings, such as retail display cases, that help to showcase products. These can range from square units to illuminated corner units and are available in many different materials and designs. These items can also be customised to suit your store’s aesthetics. Office Refurbishment Dundee, These fittings are an important part of the retail environment and should complement your brand’s style and identity.

When deciding on the physical layout of your store, you should consider the design and layout of your fittings. It is important to create a layout that is visually appealing and easy to navigate. You should think about your customers and how they would feel if they visit your store. This way, your shop fittings can cater to their needs and help you attract more customers.

If you are planning to display products on the walls of your shop, you should ensure that the panels are proportionate and don’t protrude from the wall. Slatwall panels are also highly flexible, allowing you to change the layout of your shop as your needs change.


A shop fitter will need to set prices carefully to cover their costs. Office Refurbishment Dundee, While the goal is to charge enough for good service, they must also be competitive enough to attract clients. Fortunately, there are many clients who are willing to pay a reasonable price for a high-quality service. Office Refurbishment Dundee, By reducing the number of structural changes and focusing on a few key aspects, the shopfitter will be able to maximize their profits.

Identifying design mistakes before work begins can be a key strategy for avoiding schedule delays. Errors in design documents can cause lengthy delays in obtaining permits and building works. Office Refurbishment Dundee, The earlier these errors are spotted, the better, as the earlier they can be rectified. One common design error involves DDA compliance.

After surveying potential sites, shopfitters develop concept solutions to meet their clients’ needs. This process helps them maintain the integrity of the design. Shop Fittings Dundee, Once the design scheme is approved, full working/construction drawings are produced. These drawings are essential for accurate quotations. Some clients may opt to have independent architects or interior designers prepare their own drawings.

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