The cases where SMS is most used

More than ever, SMS is current. They are the perfect company communication medium, especially for digital marketing, which is a popular tool used by firms to increase activity.

Even today, SMS can make a significant contribution to your business’s marketing and communication plans. In order to help you attract attention and keep consumers, we’ll be demonstrating some of the most popular and efficient uses in this article.

Text messages offer an opening rate of over 90% and are quite profitable in terms of return on investment, it should be mentioned. It is possible to send SMS to various locations around the world quickly, easily, and in large quantities with a platform like LabsMobile. Different purposes and goals may be served by these messages.

The Most Common Use Cases for SMS

Flash Sales

One of any business’s primary goals is to increase sales. Therefore, it is not unexpected that SMS’s primary use case is for sales.

It is only about the ‘flash sales,’ not any kind of sale. The purpose of a text message is to elicit in the recipient a need that will motivate them to take the desired action, which is to make a purchase.

These sales have a time constraint, meaning the offer is only active for a certain amount of time. For instance, “just this weekend, take advantage of a discount of up to 25% on your purchases.”
To persuade the consumer to begin or end a purchase process with communication they have received in a tailored fashion, on their mobile phone, is what causes this action.

In addition to earning money on a potential purchase, it is also possible to cultivate client loyalty and be visible in the vast array of digital communications.

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Appointment Reminder

Sending clients appointment reminders via SMS is a wonderful choice. It is used by a variety of companies, including banks, hotels, clinics and health facilities, to complete and recall management and sales information.

They enable improved management and job optimization for the workforce. They also result in savings since customers maintain their appointments or, in the event that they cannot, they tell the business of their absence, allowing the agenda to be accommodated and giving the same shift to another client without compromising the efficiency of the company or the employees.

Generate visits to physical stores

As we’ve seen, SMS is a crucial channel for communication that businesses can make the most of.

The promotion of in-person store visits is one of the key uses. As it encourages client visits, this is an additional strategy for boosting sales. For illustration, “show this voucher in one of our physical stores and receive a 20% discount.”

This strategy will help you get clients closer to a physical business where they can benefit from customised attention as well as other benefits that will keep them coming back and generating visits in light of the proliferation of online businesses and services.

 Increase the traffic of a web page

Greater traffic on the internet translates into more sales, money, and notoriety. The more traffic the site receives, the easier it will be to find using internet search algorithms, and the more relevant our company will appear.

In this situation, it is possible to include external links in the text messages to direct users to the business’ website and obtain the traffic and positioning we need.

Updates or notifications about the service

Users are guaranteed to receive the information due to the high open rate of messages. They are brief, so anyone reads them does not quickly forget what they say.

As a result, SMS can be used to inform customers about any service issues, including unexpected outages, as well as when they can anticipate it to resume functioning normally. The temporary closing of a location, adjustments to access or security procedures, among other details.

Since this connection stands out from the others and reaches a device that is unlikely to be examined at the moment, any information can be transmitted instantly and directly.

The cases where SMS is most used

Event promotion

Events are held by businesses, both offline and online. Customers can be invited by text message with an RSVP request.

There are numerous choices, including a New Year’s Eve dinner, the debut of a new venue, or a charitable occasion. SMS is a very useful tool for alerting users to this kind of incident.

Notifications of the change of schedules or stores

It happens frequently for businesses to adjust their hours. For instance, the transition from winter to summer at the end of each season

The same thing takes place when a store opens, closes, reopens after repairs have been made, or even moves to a new site.

An SMS can swiftly and instantly inform you of all this information.


Upselling is a sales strategy that involves presenting extra products to customers after they’ve made a purchase. In general, it is a better service than the one the customer paid for.

A hotel reservation is a really good example. The customer can be reminded about their reservation and upsold at the same time through text message: “if you desire, a superior room is available, with a 15% discount.”

Orders ready to pick up

The “click and collect” craze is spreading like wildfire. It involves letting the customer know when their order is prepared for pick-up at the shop or a collection location.

All the information regarding the product’s withdrawal can be given by SMS, including the store’s address, hours of operation, etc. An extra choice is to let the client know one or two days in advance so that he can

OTP Codes

By using OTP or single-use codes, SMS enables customers to strengthen their security (One Time Password).

When conducting an activity, such as making a purchase using a credit card, this is an additional security step. A special code is issued through text message to verify the movement.
Fraud and identity theft can be averted with the use of these authentication codes.

Businesses who have implemented this second layer of protection project a more serious image and are more dedicated to end-user security.

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