The Best Online Courses to Improve Your Personality

Best Online Courses to Improve Your Personality

Students are surrounded by technology these days. From asking for Python programming assignment help online to booking a cab. But do you know that you can develop your personality through online courses?

Personal development is about dedicating time and resources to improving oneself in order to become the best version of oneself. Self-improvement requires hard work and the remarkable good outcomes you can achieve will astound you.

Many people have successfully changed their lives by choosing the correct personal and professional growth techniques.

You can improve your mental agility, strategic and creative thinking skills, listening, speaking, coaching, personal finance, problem-solving, and a variety of management disciplines by taking personal development classes.

You will become more certain, content, productive, and empowered with the correct information and skills—not just at work but in all aspects of your life.

Let’s discuss the top five courses which can improve your personality.

1. The Science of Well-Being by Yale University (Coursera)– Professor Santos has compiled all available psychological research for this course and developed a step-by-step method for boosting happiness. The course focuses on behavioral change, or how to apply those teachings in everyday life, positive psychology, or the qualities that enable humans to develop.

The course’s first module covers common misconceptions about happiness and psychological factors that influence human thinking. Then, it discusses techniques that science has shown to make individuals happier.

Topics covered :

  • Why do expectations hurt?
  • How do we overcome biases?
  • How to improve happiness
  • Methods to put strategies into practice
  • Misconceptions about being happy

The duration of the course is 10 weeks. Therefore, students must dedicate 2-3 hours daily to complete their course.

2. Learning how to learn (Coursera)– With approximately 2 million students registered, this course is the most well-known one on Coursera. Distinguished professors Dr. Terrence Sejnowski and Dr. Barbara Oakley are the instructors. Dr. Oakley explains how she failed maths and science classes in elementary, middle, and high school before retraining her brain and making it her life’s job to assist people.

Students will learn how to study by outlining some fundamental ideas from contemporary neuroscience. Then, she walks you through the following subjects with friendliness and an insightful manner.

You will also learn about :

  • The two learning methods of the brain
  • How the brain encapsulates
  • Different memory techniques
  • Steps to avoid procrastination
  • Renaissance learning

This course is 4 weeks, and students will have to dedicate 3-4 hours per week.

3. Mindshift by MacMaster University (Coursera)– Dr. Barbara Oakley designs this. She created this Mindshift course to assist students in advancing their lives and careers in the hectic educational environment of today.

People are aware that learning new things at work can be difficult, yet it is a requirement for job advancement. This course focuses on how you might maximize your potential at work and elsewhere. It demonstrates how to be flexible and adaptable to change and be open to learning new things and gaining success.

The course is delivered in 4 weekly installments and includes graded tasks, quizzes, and video lectures.

The instructors believe that metaphors employ the same neural circuits in the brain that the underlying notion does; thus, they serve to convey complicated ideas much more effectively. As a result, the courses are full of metaphors.

The course’s popularity is a credit to the instructors’ excellent instruction and communication abilities.

Takeaways from this course :

  • Effective ways to learn
  • How to grab opportunities
  • Techniques to survive in the industry
  • Tips to concentrate and focus

4. Demystifying mindfulness by Leiden University- This creative course blends cutting-edge research to demystify mindfulness as a technology for life. The course strongly emphasizes experiential learning, including specially created “meditation labs” where students can practice and assess mindfulness themselves.

The psychology, philosophy, politics, and future of mindfulness are covered in 6 different modules. The course concludes with an honors project in which students design their unique projects using the knowledge and experiences, and insights they have gained throughout the semester.

Dr. Chris Goto-Jones, a highly knowledgeable and well-known professor of philosophy, has created this course. He conducts the course in a very approachable and transparent manner, putting a strong emphasis on daily practical practice.

This course will help you increase your confidence, and you may not have to ask for Java programming assignment help or assistance in your field.

Takeaways from this course :

  • Understand various concepts about mindfulness
  • How to compare psychological and therapeutic approaches
  • Understand the social and political significance of mindfulness.

5. Achieving personal and professional success by Wharton (Coursera)– This Specialisation was created to help you reach your full potential and succeed in both your personal and professional lives by using the strategies and exercises taught at the Wharton School.

It is based on the four most well-liked courses at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.

After completing this course, students will be able to define success for themselves, identify their core values and passions, apply these values and principles in their personal and professional lives, collaborate effectively with others, set goals, and persuade others to achieve their goals.

These courses offer important insights into successful personal practices that function well in both professional and personal life, in contrast to many business courses that exclusively cover issues linked to successful organizational practices.

You will learn the following from this course :

  1. How to set a goal and achieve success
  2. How to improve communication skills
  3. How to influence
  4. How to lead the life you want
  5. Ways to develop leadership skills

The course duration is 16 weeks, and students will have to dedicate 2-3 weeks per week to complete it correctly.


These can be considered the top five courses in which students can enroll and improve their personality. People already associated with a company and lead a busy life can also enroll.

The timings of all the courses are flexible. They will just have to dedicate a couple of hours every week which is easily manageable.

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