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Tailor A Single Item Into Several Outstanding Looks

Have a wardrobe malfunction? Are you tired of dressing the usual way? Is your plain white T-shirt looking too dull and is not to your liking? This post has your back as we bring you various ways in which you can stylize your one essential wear into many a different voguish version of yourself.

If you have a basic T-shirt, you can style it depending on your taste and preference. We are here to push you towards the authentic look you require. These are some of the current trends in the fashion world that are bound to glamorize your everyday outlook.

Here Are 11 Ways To Customize Your Apparel:

Here are some of how you can stand out and be yourself. We have selected Next Level 6640 T-shirt as your staple item, as it will compliment all these looks, which we have summarized below:

1: Blazers All The Way!

Blazers can never go out of trend, so filling up your wardrobe with plenty of them is excellent. If you are going for a monochrome look, a black blazer and a white Next Level 6640 T-shirt are the right. Overall, blazers are a must-have to set a fashion statement.

2: Denim Jacket And Shorts

You can never go wrong with your apparel being denim! Denim is always a great addition to your wardrobe and outlines your casual wear. Therefore, wear your basic t-shirt with your comfy denim shorts and jacket to complete your casual outfit today.

3: Jewelry To The Go

Accessorize your plain white tee with some jewellery. If you have hoop earrings or dainty necklaces, pair them with your basic T-shirt to finish the look. Jewellery is sure to highlight your day! 

4: Pair It With A Button-Down T-Shirt

If you are looking for a casual look, a fool-proof item would be a button-down T-shirt. Pair your Next Level 6640 with a vibrant button-down to give you that pleasant look. Lastly, complete this get-up with either your ripped jeans or shorts.

5: Add Layers!

Experiment with your fashion style. Layer up your basic T-shirt with a jacket, silk scarf, sunglasses, etc., to give you that remarkable ensemble. Layering will nail your fashion choices as more layering will not jeopardize your look. Moreover, this can be your go-to apparel in the winter season.

6: Glamorize With A Tote

If you have a tote bag or carry-all, then your Next Level 6640 will look great. Wear your T-shirt with snug jeans and a striking tote bag to stand out. This ensemble is indeed an all-weather look.

7: Team Up With A Skirt

Whether a tulle or a printed patterned skirt, it will look great once paired up with your basic T-shirt. A midi skirt will also look nice with your tee. Dresses are there to enhance your everyday look, and teaming it up with your Next Level 6640 is sure to glam you up!

8: Go For A Leisure Look

Want to spend time in your quarters? If it’s your stay-at-home day, then wear some leggings with your Next Level 6640 T-shirt. Black leggings will mainly give you that time-off look.

9: A Tailored Trouser

A comfortable and snug tailored trouser will look great on you. This look will accentuate your style and will make you comfy on your skin. Nude-coloured tailored trousers with a basic tee like Next Level 6640 are your go-to look.

10: Scarves Are Timeless!

Embellish your Next Level 6640 with some scarves. If you have printed silk scarves, this is sure to give you a formal and radiant look. Either drape your scarf around your neck or wear it in your hair. Overall, experiment with scarves that accentuate your basic tee. 

11: Wear Sunglasses

Your tee will look great with some lovely shades. Depending on your mood, you can wear chic shades accentuating your overall look. A Next Level 6640 and black sunglasses make up a stunning summer look.

In a nutshell…

These safe and effective fashion looks will save the day for you. Making your basic T-shirt extravagant with these simple add-ons will give your wardrobe a complete makeover. We can guarantee that you are off to seize the day with these dependable looks!

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