T55 Plus Smart Watch- Latest Updates

T55 plus smart watch is famous for its unique design and features. The T55 smart watch price in Pakistan is 3200/PKR which is not too much for getting such an amazing digital wristwatch. It is a multifunctional smartwatch that is worth it in this price range. Its design is cool and has one strap that makes it more modern. Along with the side button and colorful straps, it is popular amongst both men and women. 

All About T55 Plus Smart Watch You Have To Know

If you are a smart watch lover then this stylish T55 plus is for you because of its display size, features, and overall interface. But some people think that smartwatches are only compatible with men, but that’s not true. Even this model of the smart watch is likely the best one for women to wear on the wrist. Anyone can buy this beautiful and feature-packed watch to connect to a smartphone or play games.

It is also known as the first-grade copy of the apple smart watch series 6 that wearers and gadgets lovers love to buy. Having one cloud and other advanced features is more than wearing a simple digital watch. It’s out of a box-featured watch under a lower budget. Let’s talk about its features and extraordinary values maybe you missed.

Features And Specifications That Make It Worthy


The T55 plus smart watch is made of high-quality Zinc Alloy material. The soft rubber material for straps is also flexible and can be changed. Overall the body finishing, battery, connectivity, and design consider the major components of the best smart watch, and it has all the basic and the latest features.


Smart watches without long-lasting batteries do not compete in the market and touch customers’ hearts. As described, it is an all-in-one solution for sportsmen or Apple Watch lovers, as its look is the same copy to that. The T55 plus smartwatch comes with a powerful battery value of 180 mAh. It can be charged in 20 min and its battery life is 2 days.


When it comes to buying a smart watch, connectivity matters because users see the specification of a product for better connection to mobile or other devices. In this way, the watch can be connected to any Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network to listen to music or get internet access.

Monitors & Apps

The T55 plus smartwatch can perform all functions like other expensive watches. From a heart rate monitor to use apps, it’s a productive accessory for mobile and smart watch lovers. T55 has built-in games, blood oxygen, breathing, and BP monitoring.


The storage of digital devices is essential to store personal and other data. Of course, the T55 plus smart watch has great storage at this price tag. It has 512 KB RAM and 32M ROM.

Operating System

iOS 9.0 and Android 5.0 are the two operating systems that T55 smart watch uses for operating its all systems. Not only this iOS but the updated version and above can also be added in the future.

Final Words

If you are looking for a t55 smart watch price in Pakistan then check with a reputable company, the product listing is best for you. This smartwatch is an antique piece and has all values that a branded watch has. The more money, the more value! If someone wants a budget mobile watch or an android smartwatch then the t55 plus smartwatch is final.

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