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We do not need to tell you about the importance of the vehicle and what roles it plays. But there are some things that most people ignore such as car maintenance service. Imagine your vehicle broke down when you are coming back home after grocery shopping. What are you going to do? Carry your bags and walk home. To avoid such a situation the best thing to do is Car Service Leamington Spa. It ensures your vehicle is in a healthy condition and you do not end up in such situations.

The performance of the car mostly depends on how much you give them over time, or else it will deduce by the time. Some components need new fluid and a bit of polish from time to time, which gives to smooth performance. If you keep on ignoring your regular maintenance appointment or do not repair the part that needs repairing, you might have to lose your vehicle or pay a heavy cost to repair it. This is because, just like a fungus, issues with one component start to spread from one component to another. If not taken the car on time, it can make your vehicle incompetent.

What Does Car Service Include?

Now you might think what does a car service include, and why can’t we just take care of the vehicle at home? You see, saving money is a good thing, but risking one life just to save money is not. A car service is not just checking whether the vehicle is fine, but it also includes opening up your vehicle and putting it on test runs to find issues such as wheel alignment, wheel balancing etc. you will require a professional to identify a deeper problem with your vehicle. Only a skilled operator will be able to find out if something is wrong with the vehicle or if is it fine.

There are different kinds of car maintenance services that make sure your car is well-conditioned.

Most cars only need minor or major scheduling cycles. This keeps parts of the car safe and properly functioning. Minor service is necessary after 10,000 to 15,000 miles and major services after 30,000 to 45,000 miles. Depending on the mileage and model of the car you will require different car services such as:

  • Basic service
  • Full service
  • Major service
  • Manufacturer’s service

Apart from wear, maintenance and services manufacturer’s services also include windscreen check, shock absorber check, charging system check, wheel alignment check, windscreen piper check, light check, steering check, oil and filter check, brake fluid check and top-up, power steering fluid check, full brake check, anti-freeze coolant check, exhaust check, battery, pressure and tyre check, suspension check

Why Do You Need a Car Service?


You require regular car maintenance for your ride to be safe and comfortable. Including your tyre, every component of the vehicle needs to be in good condition. Components helping in harmony help the vehicle to perform appropriately. A regular oil and filter change also ensures they work properly.

The Life Span of The Vehicle

If you do not change or repair the defective component of the vehicle, it can also harm other components. For instance one of the components caught rust. Just like cancer it can spread to other parts and can also affect the. Doing this will cost much more that the initial repair or change. It also helps to maintain your vehicle’s life expectancy.

Save Money

Maintaining the vehicle and ensuring every component is well performing ensures the lesser possibility of spreading the defect. Repairing the problem timely also helps. This also means that you just need to spend enough money for the initial repair and you will save extra repair money.

Save Money on Fuel

As we said earlier, every component of the vehicle needs to work in harmony. It also means if even the smallest component doesn’t work, it can put the engine under a whole lot of pressure. The engine will have to use much more fuel to run. Maintenance can help the parts work efficiently which helps the engine from overusing the fuel. This also leads to fuel-efficient cars.

Resell Value

Some people like to change or resell their vehicles for updates. Maintaining a vehicle gives you records of repairs and functioning components. This also gives you a better price for the vehicle and brings you, potential buyers.

Warranty and Insurance

Nowadays car insurance and warranties are very important. It also helps in finding potential buyers and better reselling value. But getting regular maintenance from outside manufacture’s guidelines can invalidate the warranty. That is why you won’t be able to recover the value of your vehicle in case of an accident.


We hope you now understand how important your car maintenance is. which is why we offer you the best car maintenance spa including MOT Test Leamington Spa. Allow us to help you enhance your vehicle’s performance and enjoy an exhilarating driving experience.

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