Eyeliner boxes are an excellent way to personalize and display your makeup products. Print eyeliner packaging boxes with us today for a professional look, a sturdy box that will protect your eyeliner. The paper for Custom Eyeliner Packaging will not only keep your product safe, but the quality of the paper stock will impress your customers and brighten up your store shelves.

Do you want the customer to buy eyeliner by the handful? That is if they are printed on beautiful eyeliner boxes and eyeliner packaging. Many vendors underestimate the importance of first impressions. They will see the box and make a decision before they even pull out your eyeliner, which may be impressive in and of itself. They cannot see the product until they have purchased it. So, how do you entice them? To ensure your next sale, print premium product boxes today.


Print your custom-printed Eyeliner boxes on your preferred paper. Our 14pt C1S White Cover – Semi-Gloss gives the custom eyeliner packaging a nice sheen while drawing out sharp, vibrant colors. This is also available in thicker 16pt and 18pt weights. The 14pt C1S White Cover – Velvet or Soft Touch comes next. As a result, your eyeliner boxes can have a soft feathery feel, whereas velvet has a silky texture. These paper stocks are also available in thicker 16pt and 18pt thicknesses, which add weight and security to your eyeliner boxes. Print your eyeliner boxes online using the paper thickness that works best for you. This is determined by how much handling you anticipate these eyeliner boxes will receive. Do you believe your wholesale order of eyeliner boxes will have to be stacked beneath other products, such as face cream boxes? Order 18pt firmness to ensure your custom eyeliner packaging stand firm. C1S white cover paper is commonly used in promotional materials such as business cards. C1 paper is suitable for writing on. The laminate that goes over the paper stock is referred to as semi-gloss or velvet. Looking for additional ideas on how to design your own eyeliner boxes? Custom Packaging Ideas is a SirePrinting Blog post. This site is also great for coming up with ideas for candle boxes, soap boxes, and lipstick boxes.


Get your eyeliner boxes printed in full color. Our full-color digital printer can print any color on the spectrum by combining cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK). With a custom quote request, you can even get white ink. Consider a scarlet red box that coordinates with the black ink eyeliner boxes displayed on the front in flashes of full-color printing. Perhaps your cosmetics store has a softer airbrushed look, with custom eyeliner packaging in earth tones of olive green and pink. To keep the price low, we only offer full color on the outside. The eyeliner boxes enable you to create beautiful alluring hues that can match all of your other product boxes and the overall look of your store.

Color Of Foil

To highlight the logo, name, and other details, add foil stamping or digital foil to the eyeliner boxes and select portions. Try our gold foil, silver foil, copper foil, rose gold foil, or hologram foil, which is one of our favorites. At first glance, holographic foil appears silver, but when the box is handled, it catches the light and emits a holographic rainbow array of colors. Our foil color chart shows these foil colors. They add a touch of class, a clean, bright appearance, and look great in a makeup department.


You may be an expert in makeup, but you are not a graphic designer. Not a problem! Use our free eyeliner box templates to align the images before submitting your design when designing the look of your eyeliner box. The dimensions of our eyeliner boxes are 0.63″ x 0.63″ x 5.5″. Remember this when using our template. Download the template and start designing right away. Do you still have questions? Use our custom quote option to speak with real graphic designers who will reassure you and offer advice on how to create the most beautiful printed eyeliner boxes.

Why Should You Personalise?

You may wonder why Eyebrow Pencil Packaging Boxes are necessary. We believe that standing out in any field ensures success. So, instead of boring packaging from any print shop, why not go for a more personalized look? After you’ve completed your eyeliner box template, choose from the following specialties: letterpress, embossing, debossing, velvet lamination, duplexing, or spot UV coating. Eyeliner pencil boxes may be small, but they can pack a powerful punch if well designed, with alluring paper to the touch and intriguing colors. Don’t pass up the chance to impress customers and promote your brand by displaying custom boxes on your store shelves.

Shipping And Quantity

Order 50 to 2000 custom-printed eyeliner boxes at a time and get them in 5 to 7 business days. We personally oversee the entire process and confidently ship these product boxes to your business’s door. All you have to do is send us your design and we’ll do the rest. Use our corporate portal to save your logo and colors so that your look is consistent every time you order product boxes or packaging printing services from us. Label this packaging with our sticker labels and roll labels, which are suitable for almost any product! More questions about it? We have answers in our Gold Image Blog post: I Have Some Sticker Label Questions. We eagerly await your next order of our products!


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