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Shanna Moakler Wiki, Height, Weight And Filmy Career

Shanna Moakler, married on March 28, 1975. Moakler later went into acting. She appeared on the USA Network television show Pacific Blue twice in 1998. In 2005, Moakler starred in Meet the Barkers as herself with Travis Barker, the drummer for the rock band Blink-182. MTV aired two seasons of the series. During the two months of 2010/2011, Moakler hosted Bridalplasty. Moakler was also added to VH1’s reality show, Hollywood Exes (January 2014).

Early life

Moakler is of German and Irish descent. She was born in Providence, Rhode Island. Moakler is the sister of two brothers, who also died in 2012. Moakler grew to be a weekend visitor at her grandfather’s farm. She was 4’11” and 75 lbs and competed in ice skate competitions. Moakler claimed she was 5’11” tall and 75 pounds when she reached puberty. [She moved to Miami later to pursue a career in modeling. Moakler first moved to New York City and then to Los Angeles.


Shanna Moakler was 17 years old when she represented Rhode Island at Miss Teen USA in 1992. She finished third in the preliminaries, sixth in the interview segment, and fifth in the swimsuit competition. Moakler reached the semifinals, placing seventh overall.

Moakler won Miss New York USA in 1995. In 1995, she represented New York in the Miss USA pageant on South Padre Island (Texas). Moakler placed second to Miss Texas USA at the preliminaries of each interview, swimsuit, or swimsuit division with scores of 9.06 and 9.62. She also won the evening gown competition first prize with a score of 9:86. Moakler was Miss USA Pageant’s first runner-up overall. ChelsiSmith awarded Moakler, then 20 years old, the Miss USA crown in 1995.

Moakler enjoyed some aspects of her reign with Miss USA, including celebrity pool tourneys. However, she complained that she was required by Bob’s Home Furnishing Rentals to sign autographs. She was also expected to live with a chaperone during pageants so she could dress and behave appropriately.

Moakler reacted in public service to the 2009 Miss USA gay marriage controversy.She responded to the 2009 Miss USA gay marriage controversy by supporting California’s Proposition 8 with a public service announcement. Moakler was announced as Miss California, USA, on November 13, 2009. At this point, Carrie Prejean, her predecessor, was forced to resign.

She was the voice of PETA’s pro-vegetarianism campaign in 2008. She also appeared nude for PETA’s anti-fur campaign in 2013. Miss Nevada, she stated, would not give away fur coats as prizes.

Shanna Moakler: Personal life

Moakler, who was then in a relationship with Billy Idol, was in a relationship in 1997. The scene from The Wedding Singer featured the couple. She described Idol’s gentle nature as not being too sensitive or sweet. Moakler also praised Idol for his intelligence and passion for philosophy and history.

Moakler was first seen with Oscar De La Hoya in October 1997. They moved in with each other in 1998. Sheadmitted that “it was not a planned pregnancy” but said that she understood it could be beautiful. It didn’t happen, but that was also okay. Moakler, who saw De La Hoya with another woman at the Latin Grammy Awards in September 2000, abruptly ended their relationship. The court settled the case for an undisclosed sum in 2001.

Moakler spent time with Dennis Quaid between February 2001 and October 2001. They were together when Playboy approached Moakler and discussed it before she published nude images in the magazine.


Moakler was Jaime’s role in Poison Ivy’s The New Seduction in 1997. In Telling You, she played the part of Cheryl Tanqueray. Moakler was the air-flight hostess for The Wedding Singer’s closing scene in 1998. She was also part of 1999’s Love Stinks as Tawny. She was also a member of Critical Mass 2000, and Pauly Shore is dead 2003. Other films she has appeared in include Seeing Other People (2004), where she played Kasey and Petra at Big Momma’s House. This film made in 2006. VH1’s I Love the New Millennium featured the actress herself.

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Shanna Moakler’s television career began in 1996 with Lois & Clark, The New Adventures of Superman, and Due South. After that, she was Lisa in Friends’ Till the End (NBC’s 1997 movie-of-the-week starring Shannen Doherty). She was Allison Kendall’s role in Timecop’s 1998 Episode.

Moakler’s television career began on Pacific Blue in 1998. Moakler was an American Network regular in the series Pacific Blue. It featured a group of police officers riding bicycles on Santa Monica’s beach. Moakler, the character of Officer Monica Harper, confessed to being a rookie troublemaker. Shesaid that even though her Trek bike cost $5,000, she still got into accidents. She said they were often in an accident while riding close together and ended up in a ball.

Shanna Moakler competed in Search Party. Network. Network. The show was filmed at exotic beach resorts. It required contestants to work together to complete scavenger hunts and athletic events. Moakler was featured on three episodes in 1999-2000

Moakler, Barker, and others were pictured together on an episode called “Poppin’ Tags” of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. This episode aired originally on April 13, 2006. Barker was a rapper who argued with another. She played J-Lady. Method Man also appeared in the attack as a guest actor. Moakler appeared on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars in the third season, which aired September 12, 2006. Moakler  removed in week 2. She has been a guest on numerous other shows, such as HBO’s Entourage and Telemundo’s Mas Vale Tarde. This particular show featured mother-daughter couples competing for $100,000. Moakler, one of the ten Last Beauty Standing contestants, was the Last Beauty Standing in the 120th episode of NBC’s Minute to Win It (aka The Last Beauty Standing). She was the top-winning contestant with $100,000 for her charity.

Shanna Moakler was a celebrity judge who chose a male model for Price was Right 2014, the TV game that featured the popular television show.

Moakler made a HouseGuest in 2022. She competed in Celebrity Big Brother’s 3rd season. She placed seventh out of eleven.

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