Seven Reasons Why You Should Send Your Child To Private Primary School in Singapore

Singapore is a symbol of progression, and its well-advanced technology and infrastructure have become necessary factors for pursuing education. The government and its people have played a significant role in transforming the modern place. The role of migrants has profoundly impacted the working systems of the economy and its growing affluents in society. There is an immediate need for evolution in the education field. It is a global curriculum due to its system of teaching and culture. 

The Ministry of Education in Singapore has proposed inculcating different private school curriculums. The change in curriculum boosts access to home-like study methods for their needs. 

Private Primary schools in Singapore follow the sole motto of pursuing a holistic environment. It has top-notched teachers and curricular activities to sharpen the students’ skill sets. It provides more attention and arranges space for learning with peers of a similar background. Singapore promotes a conducive environment that believes in students’ potential and equality.

Schools are a center of learning. A student spends most of her life between the school’s boundaries, especially individual. The manners and etiquette help them carry themselves through their lifetime. The discipline inherited differentiates one from the other. It’s not a false belief when one says that “discipline is a bridge between goals and accomplishments.”

Singapore considers education reform and makes it dynamic, following the world’s needs. It is a revolution for the better and working on the future generation. It is the top country in the world for its high-quality education.


7 Reasons to Send your Child to Private Primary School in Singapore

  1. Interpersonal Skills

Private Primary Schools in Singapore emphasize developing students’ inter-personality skills. It is a cycle of interpreting effective signals and accurately decoding them. It helps a child to communicate and convey her message effectively. 


  1. Strict Academic Curriculum

The principle of a strict academic curriculum is deeply shredded away by private primary schools. Extra-curricular activities are a part of the routine for the educational requirement of the individual.

Extra-curricular activities boost the soul morale of the students and refine their personalities. Students undergo constant evaluation and tests based on their preparation, from the school admission process to internal and annual examinations, which helps them stay on the right academic track throughout the year.


  1. Co-curricular Activities

The teachers encourage co-curricular activities for their adamant skills and comprehensive learning. It helps to boost your confidence and academic performance. It allows you to balance work and improve time management.


  1. Wide Range of Curriculums

Private curriculums in Primary schools in Singapore offer students a wide range of curriculums, including British, American, French, Japanese, Spanish, Indian, and so on. Such modules help students and their parents choose a school similar to their homeland. 


  1. Primary Years Program

Singapore Primary schools follow a Primary Years program. The prior year’s program aims to entitle students to their learnings and shower them with responsibilities regarding their studies. Interdisciplinary subjects are taught, which gives them self-awareness regarding their surroundings.


  1. Basic Mode of Learning

Primary schools provide students with basic learning during their fifth or sixth standard. They learn their Mother Tongue upto their fourth standard, which boosts their morality and confidence with step-to-step learning. If a student’s weak basic knowledge, he might have difficulty working shortly.


  1. Assessment of the Students

The student’s academics are assessed based on their activities in and outside the classroom. It prevents the students from adding extra pressure and trying to avoid learning methods.



Primary schools prepare the base for critical concepts and an excellent understanding of their abilities. It gives them room for thoughtful conversations and mingling topics regarding different cultures. The knowledge gained in primary school is necessary as it paves a stronger foothold for a child’s future learnings. 

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