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Real Estate Tokenization: Top Companies To Hire

Blockchain technology is becoming a hot topic even in the real estate industry.  Tokenizing real estate assets helps you to create a crypto token and represent your physical assets on the blockchain network. Real estate tokenization allows you to get over the traditional hectic selling process. 

The benefit of tokenizing real estate assets does not only stop with representing ownership of the property. In addition, it also enables you to represent capital interest for your business venture to attract a wide range of investors to invest in your business. 

Tokenizing real estate assets enables you to skip the tedious pile of paperwork and ease the property transfer or rental process with the aid of blockchain technology. Tokenization allows you to collect digital rent receipts and can automate the rent collection process through smart contracts. 

Here we have listed the top five highly secure and well performing real estate tokenization companies. They will liquidate your business through picturizing it globally.


Best Real estate tokenization companies


The below-listed companies are the top players in the real estate tokenization process. They help you tap into the potential of a highly rewarding field backed by blockchain technology. 

  • Infinite Block Tech

Infinite Block Tech offers the industry’s best service when it comes to any crypto-related service. I would say Infinite Block Tech is the best real estate tokenization company. They have a highly skilled team of experts in all the fields involved in the real estate tokenization process to ensure the project’s success. 

  • Stobox

The company has been in the industry for more than four years offering real estate tokenization consultations and enabling your real estate asset to avail of blockchain benefits. Stobox helps you raise funds, buy distressed properties, create a marketplace or buy well-established property. 

  • Blockchain App Factory

Blockchain App Factory is one of the early arrivers in the blockchain market, allowing them to master the state-of-the-art blockchain technology like no other company in the market. They incorporate investor benefits like regular cash flow, less maintenance cost, and sufficient liquidity in their real estate asset tokenization. 

  • Real Blocks

Real Blocks is a great technology platform that aims to connect investors and advisors to alternate investment manager. Real Block facilitates you to raise capital globally. In addition, Real Blocks use blockchain technology to open up new scopes to invest in desired assets. 

  • Antier

Antier has been helping brands adopt blockchain technology for nearly 10 years. They create a roadmap to develop your security token, and in addition to the developing process, they also offer marketing solutions for your token.




Real estate is one of the ever-booming industries, and backing real estate with blockchain technology makes the industry limitless, breaking all the obstacles in the physical market. 

Tokenizing real estate assets can be beneficial for both property owners and investors by making them adopt futuristic digital mediums for property ownership transfer and currency transactions. 

The full benefits of real estate tokenization can be truly achieved only when you choose the top-tier Real estate tokenization company that offers extensive tokenization services.   


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