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One Day Trip Places in Bangalore for Hardcore History Buffs

Although the city of Bangalore was founded relatively recently, in the year 1537 CE, its region was historically important since ancient times. The region of modern-day Bangalore was claimed several times by many south Indian dynasties and they commissioned the foundation of many sites that still remain as historical narratives to us in the present. 

Bangalore was founded by Kempe Gowda I, who was at this time an ally of the ruler of the Vijayanagara Empire against their common enemy, Gangaraja. 

Planning to visit some historical sites in Karnataka? Here are some one day trip places in Bangalore to satisfy your thirst for the wonderful history with which India is filled to the brim. 

Nandi Hills

The Nandi Hills is a small town in the Chikkabalapur district in Bangalore. This town is believed to be the origin of the legendary Arkavathy River. It is completely away from all urbanization, hence the places to visit in Bangalore with friends for one day

The name of this site has many stories attached to its origins. One suggests that at the time of the Cholas, it was called Anandagiri or the Hill of Happiness. Another suggests that the hills were called Nandi because it resembled a sleeping bull (Shiv the Hindu god is depicted with his animal, the bull called Nandi). A third source suggests that the name came from a 1300-year-old temple dedicated to Nandi that was once located here. 

What is more clear is that in the 11th century, the Nandi Hills was developed by the Ganga Dynasty. In the 18th century, it was used as a summer retreat by Tipu Sultan. A nearly impregnable fortress, the Nandidurga, was built here and it took its storming led by Lord Cornwallis is one of the most important events in the history of India. 

Lal Bagh 

Over 200 years ago, Lal Bagh was established by Hyder Ali, the Chief in Commander of the Mysore Army. He began its construction in the year 1760, but his son, Tipu Sultan, was the one who witnessed its completion. Its maintenance was eventually taken over by British officials over the years that the Indian subcontinent was under the colonial rule of the British East India Company, then the British Crown. 

In the year 1890, a glass house was added to the garden, where today, twice every year, flower shows are conducted. This garden is still maintained as it was originally intended and you can find different varieties of flowers and trees, many of which you probably have never seen or even heard of before! Hence, making it one of the most amazing one day trip places in Bangalore

Tipu Sultan Summer Palace 

Tipu Sultan was the son of the Mysore Kingdom’s de facto ruler, Hyder Ali. Tipu replaced Hyder Ali upon the latter’s death. It was Hyder Ali who had commissioned the construction of the Summer Palace in Bangalore in the 18th century; Tipu Sultan oversaw its completion in the year 1791. Its construction was based on the Indo-Islamic style of architecture. 

After Tipu’s death, the place was taken over by the British officials. 

Today, it has been converted into a museum with a vintage gallery that hosts James Miller’s sketches of Bangalore and Farsi inscriptions. 

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Government History Museum 

Founded by Edward Balfour on 18 August 1865, the Government Museum has a vast collection of archaeological artifacts that tell us the history of the various places of India and its civilizations. Its collection is quite rare and includes old jewelry, coins, inscriptions, and sculptures. Today, the Finance Commission of India funds its maintenance. 

The building of the Government Museum was done in the neoclassical style of architecture. Key highlights of this museum are: paintings in the Venkatappa Art Gallery; sculptures from Hoysala, Nolamba, and Gandhara periods; artifacts from the excavation at Chandravalli, Mohenjodaro, Hampi, and Halebeedu; the scale models of Tipu Sultan’s fort at Srirangapatnam; weapons used by Kodagu warriors of Coorg; and ancient inscriptions from various time periods in history. 

Bangalore Fort 

In the year 1537, the Bangalore Fort was built by Kempe Gowda I. It was a mud fort at the time. The fort that we see in the present times is made up of stone. This is because the mud fort of Kempe Gowda was rebuilt in stone in the year 1761. 

It sustained some damage during the Third Anglo-Mysore War in 1791. Today, it is a great example of a military fortification. On 21 march 1791, Lord Cornwallis led the British Army to lay siege to the Bangalore Fort and capture it. He eventually succeeded. 

It is one of the great places to visit in Bangalore! In fact, it was the Bangalore Fort and its story that inspired the setting for the 2010 novel, “Riddle of the Seventh Stone” by Monideepa Sahu. 

You can visit each of these places in a maximum of one or two hours, hence great to include in your list of one-day trip places in Bangalore. Decided on your trip dates? Contact Indian Eagle now for Flights from Philadelphia to Bengaluru

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