Need Bike Transport Services from Chennai to Bangalore? Get It Done by Train

Do you need bike transport services from Chennai to Bangalore? But, are you still confused about the by-train system? Be no more. Consider the following material. The main focus of this mini-guide is on the following. Learn to book your bike as a parcel on the Indian Railway. It is a piece of cake. You just need to know the online procedure and that is it. So, if you are interested, let’s get started.

Bike Transportation by Train through Parcel Booking System

You need packers and movers Chennai to Bangalore for bike transport services. Then, do you know you have two ways? You can either transport your bike by train or by road. In the by-train method, you have further two options. You can either choose the parcel or luggage option. When your bike is on a train where you are not present, you have to go with the parcel booking. In other words, if you are not travelling on the same train as your bike, you have to book your bike as a parcel in the Indian Railway System.

On the other hand, there is the luggage option. The luggage booking system refers to the following situation. You are on the same train going to the same destination as your bike. In that situation, you have to make a booking for your bike as luggage. Here, the process to make the booking remains the same as for any other luggage item. By the way, this is the safest option as per my personal piece of advice. It is because you are on the same train. However, if you want to consider the parcel option, that is great as well.

It is simple to book your bike through the parcel booking system. Both—online and offline ways—are available. You can either make the online booking or offline. It all depends on your inclination. If you are more driven towards doing things online, consider the following procedure. Visit the Railway’s official portal. Register yourself on the website. Then fill up the required spaces with the information being asked. Afterwards, you will have to fill out an e-booking form. And once it is done, get the e-forwarding note printed. Visit the parcel office at the origin station and follow the proceedings further. For offline, visit the parcel office.

Luggage System and Parcel System Road Vs Train Transportation Facilities

Luggage System and Parcel System | Road Vs Train Transportation Facilities

You are looking for bike transport services from Chennai to Bangalore. In the above section, you learned to book your bike as a parcel in the Indian Railway. That is one of the ways you can use the Indian Railways to ship your bike from one place to another. Suppose you need to go to Bangalore. And along with you, it is also required that you take your bike. You need your bike in Bangalore. You reserve one train ticket for yourself. In that case, you can also carry your bike on the same train. You just need to make a booking for your bike as well. Go to the portal of the Indian Railway. And make a reservation for your bike as a luggage item. This facility of the Indian Railway is called the luggage option.

Furthermore, you have the parcel option, which is already explained above. Apart from these, you can also consider transportation by road. In this situation, you just need to hire a professional bike transporter. And the rest will be assured. While hiring a bike transporter, ensure the following. And get the best bike transport services from Chennai to Bangalore.

Your service provider must be well-experienced. You cannot afford to hire a novice. A novice or amateur is a service provider who has from no to very little experience in their line of work. Do you want to hire such a person? Of course, you don’t. Why would you? Such a person can even wreck your bike. So, make sure your service provider is sufficiently competent. So, you won’t get the worst services. And lastly, hire a comprehensive service provider.

Bike Transportation Charges

It is not easy to discuss bike transport charges. Doing so requires the availability of purchase requirements. Suppose you need to shift a bike that has an engine of 125 cc. This information—125 cc—is important. It is the purchase requirement. A client has several such requirements to meet. So, without them, only a general estimation can be made. Have a look at that. For bike transport services from Chennai to Bangalore, you may have to pay an approximation of 3,500 rupees to the maximum. This is the approximation under the following circumstances. Your bike is 350 cc. And the distance between Chennai to Bangalore is 335 km. For more information, consult the internet.

The extra bit of information: first have a valid bill in your hand. And then hand over your bike to the transporter. This will ensure that you have proof that your bike is in the transporter’s possession.

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