Mandovi River Cruise: Everything To Know


The river Mandovi is one of Goa’s primary rivers. It is a lifeline of this state and also a major transportation channel. Sailing over this river will give a glimpse into the different aspects of the Goan landscape. Busy streets, idle towns, heritage buildings, and the ever-so-charming Ghats please the eyes from riversides. This look becomes more serene as the sun goes down in the Arabian sea making for a romantic sunset with glittering river banks on both sides.

In this blog, read about the famous Goan Mandovi River Cruise.


All you need to Know About Mandovi River Cruise


Those who want to explore the Mandovi River Cruise Goa beyond its beaches and witness its historic and cultural charms should do the Mandovi river cruise. This cruise allows one to view Goa from the eyes of an ancient river. There are several options for cruising the Mandovi. After all, Goa is a tourism hub but the two main routes followed by the Mandovi river cruises are:


1. Down by Mandovi till Zuari Bay

These cruises start from inland and go towards the busier beaches and out into the bay. It is quite a mesmerizing scene to see Mandovi merge into the sea.

2. Up river to Aldona

These cruises start from the jetty and move inland, mostly to Aldona near Bom Jesus Church, Nachinola. It also goes to a mineral water spring.


Both upstream and downstream of the river one can witness pleasant glimpses of Goa through cruises. However, a few cruises do not necessarily take any one particular direction. Some of the more popular cruises are mentioned below:


Carnival Cruise:

This is by far the most popular cruise option as it is quicker and more entertaining. If you would like to be entertained more then close your eyes and choose the cruise from River Carnival starts from Atal Sethu in Panjim. These types of cruises involve catamaran-type of boats which have capacities of 100 to 500 people and hence the charge per head is low. 

The cruise typically begins with the sunset and a little sightseeing from the boat(s). Once, the sun goes down, you will be shown a fun program where there will be live dance including a local Goan dance and a Portugese-Goan dance. There will be dinner and an after-party in the disco hall on the boat itself. This cruise is an excellent example of the glittering nightlife of Goa.


Private and luxurious:

If you are looking for a very personal and private affair on the Mandovi river and you have the budget then you should pick private yachts. There are many options such as yachts, shikaras, and smaller catamarans.

Champagne Breakfast cruise

On the Breakfast cruise, you will be typically chartering a yacht on an hourly basis. The cruise starts at 6 am and the last cruise available is at 9 am. There is music, food, and the perfect ambiance on the yachts. These are perfect for anniversary celebrations or prewedding photoshoots. You can even plan your proposal on the yacht for an exquisite experience. 


Not just in Kashmir or Kerala, you can find beautiful Shikara boats in Goa as well. You can choose from plans like Candle-light dinner, sunset cruise, crocodile trip and, a day and night trip on the shikaras.

Party and Casino Boats:

If you are in Goa it is almost impossible to miss the sight of a few cruise ships which lie in the middle of the Mandovi river. These are big stationed cruise ships that are docked in the river and serve only one purpose: entertainment. These luxurious-looking yachts are casino houses as gambling is legal in Goa. And it is due to this reason that many tourists flock to these boats. Do try your luck at any of the popular ones like Deltin Royale, Deltin Jacq, and Majestic Paradise. The entry fee typically starts from around ₹2000.


Mandovi River Cruise Price:

The Mandovi River Cruise Prices start from ₹500 and go upwards depending upon the type of boat and/or package you take. 

Bigger boats: For Catamarans with a capacity of 100 to 400 person prices will be around: 400 or 500


Yachts: Yachts can be booked on an hourly basis and prices for various types of cruises are as follows:

Breakfast cruise: 2300 per hour

Party boat: 16000 per hour


Dinner Cruise: 2000 for 2 hours

Phoenix Yacht: 12000 per hour

Serenity yacht: 15000 per hour

What to expect:

  • During peak seasons or rush hours, you mays face long queues.
  • Booking tickets for chartering yachts well in advance for peak seasons is advised.
  • Loud music on boat rides. 


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