Lighthouse ERP Software for Steel Industry

Steel is one of the major components used in construction, infrastructure, transport, shipping, automobiles, machines, appliances, packaging, energy, and more. Some of the major challenges faced by the steel industry include competitiveness, higher operational costs, and high cost of maintenance. Lighthouse ERP is a solution to most of these challenges.

As you may know, the steel industry uses a number of different processes, including beneficiation and pelletization. In essence, this is the procedure that cleans a product of impurities so that the final customer can use it.

These days, the steel industry is expanding daily as a result of the substantial profits and unquestionable success it brings to its owners. You’ll have total command over all aspects of your steel business with Lighthouse ERP, including purchasing, inventory, labor, production, and anything else that matters!

With our erp software for steel industry, as a seasoned steel industry ERP consultant, we want to make life easier for your business. We use cutting-edge technology to provide you with full control and administration over your entire company. You can access the most recent purchase order records, inventory reports, labor utilization, and productivity data, dispatch reports, and much more on your laptop or mobile device. For the steel industry, Lighthouse ERP provides ERP software to replace all manual processes.

The , or enterprise resource planning, is a tool that helps the steel industry manage all of its duties without making mistakes and make future plans that will be simple to implement and will allow them to grow their business to new heights with less manual labor and human error.

Issues in the Steel Industry and how Lighthouse ERP deals with them:

1. Poor preparation for the needs of raw materials

It is challenging to come up with strategies to eliminate stockouts or overstocking in all circumstances. For a successful production process, inventory control and planning for raw material requirements are essential. Demand planning, which is based on human forecasts and consumption data, fixed-level inventories, and other crucial resources, is made possible with the help of Lighthouse Manufacturing ERP. The administration of material classification at different levels as well as other analytical tools for material need planning are also supported by Lighthouse ERP. This function is crucial for maintaining the inventory of all necessary raw materials at all levels and making sure that everything is available when it is required for a smooth operation.

2. Inventory Management

Proper stock management is crucial for the project to be completed on time. Each and every business owner should be aware of the availability of raw materials in their inventory in suitable amounts. Production units face serious challenges if it is ever determined that the current stock will only last one more day and the delivery will take two or more days.

3. Waste from Raw Materials

Most steel manufacturers are worried about the waste of raw materials in their inventory. In order to avoid hurting their bottom line, they strive to maximize the usage of the raw materials they already have on hand.

4. Quality Assurance

Quality is the most crucial thing to offer. No company can succeed in the market for very long if they don’t meet the expectations of its clients. Because they have many alternative options, your dealers choose to dismiss your concerns from customers regarding the quality of your steel. Therefore, it must be ensured that steel quality satisfies consumer demand. For this, a well-organized manufacturing process, quality testing of the steel prior to delivery, and only supplying the dealer with steel sheets that meet the required standards for quality are necessary.

5. Low Productivity

It should go without saying that no business can grow and achieve its goals if the funds invested are not used wisely. Every steel business owner should automate their operations to change these mindsets and grow their company.

Why should you trust Lighthouse ERP?

We are the market leaders in providing erp software for steel industry for the steel industry, as was already said. Only after learning about the problems faced by the target audience can our Steel ERP software engineers begin to design it.

The features of our program listed below can help you with production and planning:

Planning for Material Requirements:

By enabling you to plan the precise quantity of raw materials you’ll need for your manufacturing and guaranteeing that they arrive on time, this feature aims to boost efficiency. This function allows you to calculate your demand and how many raw resources you’ll need to meet it.

Demand forecasting and the supplies required to meet it:

The first step in the ERP process involves determining client demand and the requirements to meet it. The bill of materials, which is essentially a list of the raw materials, assemblies, and components needed to build an end product, is used by ERP to break down demand into specific raw materials and components.

Inventory and demand comparison, and resource distribution:

In this stage, you must assess the demand in relation to your current inventory. The ERP then distributes resources in the proper way. In other words, the ERP allocates inventory to the specific regions that need it.

Production Planning:

The next stage is to merely determine how much time and labor will be required to complete the manufacturing process. A deadline is also present. Lighthouse ERP aids industries in production planning for meeting deadlines. 

Pay attention to the process:

The process’s last step is just to monitor it for any issues. The erp software for steel industry may alert management right away of any delays and even provide backup plans in order to meet build deadlines.

Lighthouse ERP for the Steel Industry:

Lighthouse ERP offers modules for Plant Maintenance, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Finance & Accounting, Sales & Distribution, and Planning & Production. Mobile apps and a business intelligence solution are both included in Lighthouse ERP. Lighthouse ERP can be smoothly linked with any software that a company is using, and can be integrated without hassle. Our e-Procurement technology streamlines and automates the procurement procedures for SMEs in the manufacturing sector. This makes it possible to efficiently and transparently buy capital, raw materials, and production goods.


The Steel Manufacturing ERP Software automates all of the industry’s procedures and activities. Automation creates invoices, gate bills, and purchase orders automatically, as well as assists in the estimation and quotation of complicated projects. On centralized servers, all information and data are updated automatically.

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