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Laparoscopic Adhesiolysis In Depth

Laparoscopic adhesiolysis, also known as keyhole surgery, is a process where laparoscopy is used to remove adhesions by either cutting them off by scalpel or else by electric current. Laparoscope provides clear and precise visualization and magnification of the adhesions and the affected organs.

If your adhesion is giving you a hard time, laparoscopic adhesiolysis is the medical procedure that involves in removal or segregation of adhesions so that the organ regains its natural anatomy and functions properly.

Adhesions are a natural band of scar tissues that are developed in our body in order to fix any disturbance and naturally repair it which can occur due to various infections, radiations, surgeries, or a condition called endometriosis. It is rare for adhesion to occur without any specific reason because they develop naturally as a healing process of the body.


The various advantages of laparoscopic adhesiolysis are:

  1. It is referred to as the most effective and suitable procedure to treat infertility because it decreases the possibility of occurring again.
  2. Smaller cuts are required in this process which leads to fewer and smaller scars compared to other medical procedures.
  3. Less internal scarring occurs in this procedure.
  4. Cures women with chronic pelvic pain caused due to occurrence of adhesions.
  5. Comparatively lesser scars than other medical procedures and heals quickly.
  6. Requires lesser hospital stays and is financially less straining.
  7. This procedure has a lesser reoccurrence frequency compared to others


It is a procedure in which a tube with a camera, light, and a laparoscope is inserted inside a human body. The camera is connected to a monitor, which allows the medical professional to carefully examine the adhesion and study its condition.

The adhesion is further removed with the use of a scalpel or electric current. This procedure provides accurate visualization and magnification of the adhesion and various other organs.

There are many other ways; a medical professional can suggest treating adhesions. These activities include the intake of medications, physical therapy, exercises, lifestyle changes, and open adhesiolysis. When these activities are not sufficient enough to treat adhesions, Laparoscopic adhesiolysis is one the most suitable ways to treat adhesions.


Apparently, there is no particular symptom that marks the presence of adhesions inside a human body, some of the potential symptoms could be:

  1. Pain caused while breathing deeply is a symptom of liver adhesions.
  2. Acute pain caused while engaging in activities like stretching and exercising is a symptom of intestine adhesions.
  3. Pelvic pain caused due to no particular reason could be the symptoms of adhesion
  4. In severe cases, it can cause tissue death and complete loss of functioning of an organ.
  5. Unexplained infertility could be a symptom of adhesions

Laparoscopic adhesiolysis is an effective way to treat adhesions. It is a financially lesser straining and suitable procedure to cure infertility. It requires lesser cuts and scars than other medical treatments. Its procedure is simpler and assists the medical professional in many different ways. There are many other activities such as exercising, intake of medications, lifestyle changes and physical therapy that can help treat an adhesion, which is suggested by medical professional.

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