Kali Linux NetHunter: everything you need to know

Kali Linux NetHunter: everything you need to know

Kali Linux NetHunter is the first Android penetration testing platform for Android devices. NetHunter is an open-source project, which means that developers can use it freely without suffering copyright infringement or other related threats. This project allows supported Android devices to access the kali toolset, thus enabling penetration testing. Additionally, there are various unique features offered by Kali NetHunter that are not possible on other hardware platforms.

The NetHunter interface allows users to efficiently work with complex configuration files via a local web interface. In addition to this functionality, custom kernels supporting 802.11 wireless injections and preconfigured rear connection VPN service constitute a formidable advancement in network security plus a discreet dropbox with Kali Linux always at hand.

What does Kali NetHunter offer?

Kali NetHunter offers us many benefits and features, as shown below:

1. Fully dedicated NetHunter application which provided and optimized the graphical user interface touch screen for common attack categories such as:

  • Bluetooth attacks
  • BadUSB MITM attacks. Your traffic will be forwarded through this accessory once Kali NetHunter is connected to a “victim” PC.
  • One-click evil MANA AP (access point) configuration
  • The USB HID keyboard attacks offer almost the same services as the Teensy device.

2. Offers a full set of Kali Linux tools plus a variety of other tools available through a simple menu system

3. The NetHunter app store that allows us to grow Kali’s NetHunter potential

4. The USB Y cable comes with the Kali NetHunter kernel. This accessory allows the user to use the OTG cable while charging the device

5. A device-specific custom kernel that supports wireless injection

6. Kex (Kali Desktop Experience)

7. Support HDMI output. This accessory sends the Kali desktop to external displays and only works on supported devices.

Kali NetHunter is readily available for unrooted devices, hence the name (NetHunter Rootless). However, this does not mean that other devices do not support the NetHunter application. For example, rooted devices with custom recovery use (NetHunter Lite) while rooted devices that have custom recovery but use the additional NetHunter-specific kernel (NetHunter)

Despite the differences possessed by the three editions of NetHunter, they still share some things in common, and below is the core of Kali NetHunter:

  • A Kali Linux container with all the applications and tools provided by Kali Linux
  • An Android client to provide access to the Kali NetHunter app store
  • A native Kali NetHunter app store that contains a dozen built-in security applications
  • KeX (Kali Desktop Experience) helps to run full Kali Linux desktop sessions. Provides support for wireless screencasting and screen mirroring with the help of an HMDI output.

Kali’s NetHunter app store can be accessed via a dedicated client application or via a web interface.

Kali NetHunter Editions

Almost all Android devices on the planet support one of the three NetHunter editions listed below. If your device is rooted, we recommend that you try to use the rooted version, and if not, use the rootless version.

Nethunter is available in three editions:

  1. NetHunter Rootless
  2. NetHunter Lite
  3. NetHunter

    Uses of NetHunter Editions:

    • NetHunter Rootless – Used by unmodified or unrooted devices
    • NetHunter Lite: This is the complete Kali NetHunter package for all rooted devices that don’t have custom kernels
    • NetHunter: This is another complete Kali NetHunter package with a custom kernel for all supported phones.

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