Jira Certification: Cost In India And Job Prospects


Jira is one of the finest public and open-source software for tracking and planning and is used in Agile methodology. In a wide range of industries, it is utilized by the Development teams for monitoring projects and bugs, visualizing workflows, and managing Scrums. Moreover, it uses sophisticated Kanban boards to help users in effective visualization. Planning the workflows in Jira renders the users with ease of planning, tracking, reporting, and releasing the software. Many technical and non-technical professionals prefer to work with software. This is because it offers multi-variate advantages when testing with software. It helps users from multiple teams to combine the workflows for better management. It aids QA teams, testers, and developers to work on a centralized platform. To learn more about it, acquire Jira Testing Online Training and learn all the facets. Despite other advantages, its primary use is in test case management.

Now, let us proceed to some important sections to explore a few more details about Jira.

Importance of Jira:

Jira is a pivotal software that QA and testing teams use to monitor the tasks and bugs in backlogs. This is done so that the organization can prioritize big-picture goals and maintains the quality of its services. The robust workflow management system renders the bugs to get automatically registered. Thus, users can proceed to prioritize and rectify the bugs. Furthermore, its most advantageous facet is that it aids in Agile Development courtesy of its powerful tools like Kanban Boards and hybrid methods like Scrumban.

Now, let us explore some of the capabilities of the Jira Testing tool and know why it is used predominantly.

Capabilities of Jira:

It simplifies the processes such as monitoring, planning, test execution, and management. There are other multifarious capabilities of this testing software that the below points shed light on:

  • Firstly, the software is adept in automated execution. To make the processes time-efficient and to ease out the work of the end-user, it automates repetitive tasks in execution, planning, and tracking tests. It is one of the reasons why non-technical professionals also prefer to work with it.
  • It ensures efficiency. Now, as the projects become more complex and the number of test executions exceeds a thousand, the high-efficiency rate becomes uncompromisable. Hence, to meet stringent project development deadlines, it allows the reuse of models which allows the end-users to work on important things aggressively.
  • Jira offers maximum test coverage. It enables the testers and developers to determine the percentage of the testing essential on codes. The test coverage also allows them to measure the number of risks that is essential in the testing process. Furthermore, it gives the end-users to scale up the coverage and include additional tests that are essential for a product.
  • It allows users to keep track of the outcomes. It is essential to keep the stakeholders in the loop about the progress and also store the results for future reference. Hence, tracking outcomes proves to be advantageous for the testers and developers.

Now, let us see the cost aspects of getting a certificate in this domain in India.

Price of Getting Jira Certification in India:

The price of obtaining Jira certification in India varies. It pertains to the kind, of course, you are opting for. Subject to whether you are choosing the crash course, self-paced learning, Atlassian Jira, etc. the price of the certification changes. Primarily, the price range starts from ₹3,616 and can reach ₹20,000 approximately. However, the billing modes are quite flexible and most institutes accept online payment. You might even get discounts in premium institutes.

Job Prospects of Jira:

Since, the Agile development methodology is gaining prominence all over the world, testing management software Jira is getting popular. Though it is already quite popular in the IT domain, its widespread use and application areas have only increased in recent years. It is a good career choice in India and other developing countries because salary prospects are quite high. The salary of the admin ranges between ₹4.8LPA and ₹10.3LPA.


Jira is a robust tool that has wide-ranging applications, but primarily it is applicable for test-case management. It is quite advantageous for Agile Development since it provides a centralized platform for QA teams, testers, and development professionals to collaborate. Jira allows for effective workflow management. It provides an easy for the users to plan, track, and release products efficiently. Furthermore, the existence of Kanban boards also ensures that the visualization technique remains at a high level. The prominence of the software spans a multitude of IT enterprises and a vast number of domains. Since, the application range is also increasing, exploring job prospects and acquiring Jira Testing Training in Delhi is worthwhile. Develop skills and explore possibilities to work in an Agile Development ecosystem for exciting prospects.


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