Keeping heavy equipment requires continuous routine maintenance. When you rent construction equipment for some job, you do not need to spend much on maintenance. All you need to do is just pay aren’t for the hours you use the equipment. However, it is not the same in the case of owning the equipment. The equipment owner is supposed to perform a routine check-up on the machine so that any wear and tear can be identified as early as possible. Because when the wear and tear in the machine get too long to get repaired, it may deteriorate and damage other parts as well. Also, the maintenance cost increased to the maximum later. However, if you keep checking the equipment before every operation, then you may better take advantage of it.

In this article, we are mentioning a few checklists that every operator must follow before starting the machine for the job in each shift.

Take a quick evaluation

When you have a machine like a dozer for sale, evaluate it first. Check all the work and tor parts of the machine. In each new shit of machine usage, you need to take a pre-inspection. It helps you to identify the issue in it if in the previous job it got any. In this evaluation of the machine, you need to check the following thing with little to more focus:

Brakes: check the regular and emergency brake if it is working well or if it is jammed. Repair it if required

Windshield: it must be free from all the cracks and breakage. Immediately fix the problem if you find any.

Headlights and Horns: these two things must not be neglected even if you are working at day time. The lights are the indications of your move whereas the horn can alert the people around the machine. Keep them up to the mark.

Any broken part: if you find any broken part in the machine, fix it not run the machine in this condition.

Identify the site hazards

In each shift when you are working with same machine, the site hazards may be different. For example, when you worked in the day time, the hazards and risks were different but at night time the risks will be entirely different. Keep in mind the time of the day and the potential hazards that may catch you on the site. You are required to prepare yourself and the machine accordingly. Do not miss any single part. You can make a checklist of the hazards that need to be checked. You also need to check the site thoroughly if the surface is smooth or rough if the site has major huddles or not, and any other things that may cause accidents. Clear the site accordingly.

Choose right attachment

This is the main thing in the list of the checklist. Evaluate which type f attachment will be suitable for the site and shift that will boost productivity. Choose the right model and size of the attachment. Do not try to use the same thing for each kind of job. Being a contractor, you need to cross-check everything even after the evaluation.

Make sure the operator is ready

It might not look important but it is. You need to check if the operator is tired or fresh. If the operator has been working for so long, give him a rest and do not overburden him. No matter how expert and trained he is, a tired operator may catch an accident at any point in time. Make sure to take care of the workers as well. It is better to hire alternative operators in different shifts.


The equipment like a dozer for sale is important to be maintained after each shift of use. When you have a long working project, keep checking the equipment after every use. In this article, you may find the checklist of the thing you need to look for before each shift of use.

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