How you can Choose your Career with MBA in UK?

Increase your Career Scope with MBA in UK

If you’re studying for an MBA at a UK university, you’re already halfway there. This is because an MBA in UK for Indian students is highly valued in the job market. There are more than 6 million private business organizations in the UK, which serve as a huge field of opportunity for MBA graduates. Today we highlight that how you can choose your career with MBA in UK and the best career opportunities for UK MBA degree holders.

Opportunities for MBA in Finance

The financial sector is one of the most promising fields when it comes to career opportunities. With an MBA in Finance, you can land some of the highest paying jobs in the UK. MBA graduates can expect to earn up to £60,000 a year from investment banker to finance manager. Students with an MBA in Finance are sought after by some of the world’s top financial firms and other organizations. This includes big names like Deloitte, Morgan Law, Amazon and AG BARR PLC, among others.

Opportunities for MBA in Information Technology

It has been successfully confirmed that IT is the future of the world. Hence, career opportunities for MBA in IT graduates are endless. Technical skills have always been in demand, especially in the UK. This is the reason why most technologically skilled employees earn higher salaries than those with non-technical skills.

Opportunities for MBA in Marketing

The marketing and publicity sector in the UK is constantly developing, offering several job occasions for new MBA students. With the rise of IT and digital industry, most marketing related jobs are looking for tech savvy individuals with strong analytical skills.

Graduates with an MBA in Marketing have a variety of career options. They can go into product specialization, communications and marketing, brand management and more.

Career Opportunities for MBA in Sales

MBA in Sales students have the choice to choose from numerous job roles within the publicity & Sales department. MBA in sales gives you the opportunity in the field of sales executives, sales manager, PR manager, etc.

Opportunities for MBA in Operations

If you are interested in pursuing an MBA in Operations at a UK university, there are various opportunities for career advancement. Operations are a part of all business organizations and the demand for them will increase with time.

Graduates in the specialty of operations have excellent prospects in terms of career advancement. Many Operations-MBA graduates begin their careers as analysts before moving on to roles such as project manager, principal analyst, etc.

Opportunities for MBA in Human Resource (HR)

Human resources is a growing industry, not only in the UK but worldwide. Students who choose HR as their MBA major can benefit greatly from a promising industry that offers multiple job opportunities to both fresh and experienced graduates.

The average salary of an HR resource in the UK is up to £30,000. When it comes to career opportunities in the HR sector, names like the British Army, IBM and Veolia come to mind.

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