Moving is often a headache and a source of stress for everyone. The solution? Call the professionals. Discover all our tips for organizing a move with peace of mind.

The challenge of moving without breakage is possible

During a move, it is normal to worry about the state of our goods on arrival. Even if insurance exists to cover the damage, it is preferable that all your belongings survive this experience and are delivered without any damage to your new accommodation. This is all the more valid for objects whose sentimental value is irreplaceable.

It is better to call on a company specializing in removals to avoid these inconveniences. Their experience and professionalism guarantee better care for your property. In addition to their experience, professional movers are equipped with the necessary equipment to secure your goods and avoid breakage. The vehicles requisitioned to transport your goods are specially designed for removals. They are equipped with stowage and padding.

Your presence is necessary on the day of the move to ensure that everything goes well, but it is a question of reassuring you rather than contributing to the move itself.

To do this, you will need to have protective packaging materials, among other things:

  • Cartons ;
  • Protective bins;
  • bubble wrap;
  • Newsprint;
  • White newspaper (unprinted);
  • Specific covers (for mattresses, sofas, chairs, furniture);
  • Protective blankets;
  • Scotch ;
  • Stretch plastic film.

How to properly protect your property?

So that everything goes well, protect your sofas, mattresses, chairs, and bulky furniture with specific protective covers. Indeed, protecting your property allows you to save some costs on your move. You can easily buy a mattress moving cover, TV covers, rug storage bag, and much more protective covers from Britwrap.

Regarding household appliances, televisions, and furniture not being dismantled, you can use protective covers, which will be used to avoid scratches or shocks once loaded into the truck. Stretch film is used to protect sideboards and the chests of drawers. Tape can hold cabinet doors or drawers closed when you move them.

Protect small surfaces and table legs with bubble wrap for dismantled furniture and tables. Remember to keep the screws and other fasteners well and to cover large surfaces with covers or protective covers.

The carrier will place all of these bulky items in the back of the truck to maximize space.

How not to break the fragile?

When we talk about fragile objects, we often think of small things such as crockery, porcelain, ceramics, mirrors, and decorative objects (lamps, paintings, etc.). Still, we must not forget that household appliances, computers, televisions, and all objects resulting from a complex assembly are fragile objects because the slightest shock could alter them.

The white diary

The newspaper technique used to wrap small, fragile objects is insufficient. In addition, printing ink often stains wrapped items. Nowadays, it is possible to buy blank newspapers (unprinted).

bubble wrap

We advise you to carefully wrap each small, fragile object with bubble wrap before putting it in the boxes. If empty spaces are left in the box, pad it with newspaper or rags. Note on the box the contents or simply fragile so that the package is handled with care and is well secured in the truck.

Protective covers

For larger fragile items, you can double the protection with two protective covers or with bubble wrap and one protective cover. Securing them in the truck is essential to avoid shocks.

What are the tips for not damaging the common areas?

Moving or moving into a condominium requires passing through common areas. It is, therefore, necessary to learn about the co-ownership regulations regarding the use of the common areas. In addition, you must ask the co-ownership trustee for permission if you need to store your boxes in the common areas.

The neighborhood

Do not forget to inform your neighbors of your move by specifying the days and a time range. Also, check that your home insurance covers you for damage to common areas.

The common areas

We advise you to take all the precautions to protect the floors and the stairs and to respect the loading conditions of the lift. If you live upstairs, it is often wiser to rent a furniture lift for furniture that is too bulky to avoid damaging the common areas. When the loading of your belongings is finished, don’t forget to clean or have the common areas cleaned.

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