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How to Make a Shaggy Rug Fluffy Again: 6 Easy Steps

If the hard surface of your old favorite rug worries you and you don’t want to replace it or toss it away, you can re-fluff your rug using various techniques. 

In addition to our pets, we also care about the rug’s softness. As carpets age, it’s typical for them to lose their fullness, plumpness, and fluff.

After being subjected to hard handling, heavy foot activity, and furniture weight, the rug’s fibers may take on a flat appearance. The weight on the rug’s fibers can also flatten the rug’s plumpness, as can the dirt particles that collect around its fibers. This will happen even if you buy that rug from any reputed store or an online rug store.

This article will discuss several quick and practical ways to revive your rug.

Some Easy Techniques for Fluffing Your Shaggy Rug

There are some simple methods for re-fluffing the rug. Still, the most crucial factor is whether or not you are giving your rug the additional attention it needs. Your rug may lose its luster with time, especially when it has been subjected to weights and traffic, but don’t worry—there are simple ways to restore the rug’s sparkle.

  • Do Vacuuming

As previously said, obstinate dirt can lessen your rug’s plumpness, so consider vacuuming it daily. The fibers will seem fluffy and new thanks to vacuum cleaning, which will also assist in eliminating any persistent dirt. To keep the rug looking clean and brand-new after you purchase it, we advise vacuuming it at least twice a week.

Additionally, the vacuum cleaning will remove any debris lodged in your rug. Your rug looks fluffy and full because vacuuming releases the fibers and gives them room to spread.

  • Employ a Rug Beater

Beating a customized shaggy rug will assist in keeping it clean and eliminate stubborn stains. You may also easily clean your rug by scraping it with loose fabric. Additionally, it will aid in the growth of fluff. Both techniques work well for producing a plumped rug.

  • Make Use of a Homemade Fix

You may easily use a home cure to untangle the fibers in your shaggy rug if you see any worn or twisted ones. The hot water method and vinegar (specifically white vinegar) can be used. Mix the hot water with the vinegar after adding half of it. Scrub the mixture onto the damaged area at this point.

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You’ll observe that the twisted fibers have been untangled after it works wonderfully. Your rug will also appear fuller. This approach is secure, but you may also purchase a rug or carpet cleaner from the market to clean your rug; nonetheless, you could require access to one immediately.

  • Properly Steam Clean Your Shaggy Rug   

Applying steam to the rug’s strands will help them become less tangled. The fibers will become more flexible thanks to the hot water, and the tenacious dirt will vanish. The best approach for bringing your rug back to life is steam washing.

  • Use Icing to Re-Fluff Your Shaggy Rug

A clean towel or soft cloth should dab the ice cubes until the water is completely absorbed. Do this on the regions that are losing their fluff. If you don’t want to harm your rug, be gentle when stroking it. Use a stick or something similar to lift the rug’s fibers after letting it dry. Gaining the fluff back is made easier using this technique.

  • Consider Hiring a Professional Cleaner            

Hiring a professional cleaner is the simplest but most expensive way to re-fluff your shaggy rug or carpet. Ensure they offer the best services for plumping or fluffing the rugs before opting for this. Otherwise, your rug might become more damaged or lose fibers after a week of washing.

How to Make Your Rug Last Longer

Try to take good care of your rug before it loses its beauty, fluffiness, and plumpness. Here are some simple methods for maintaining your fluffy shag rug.

  • Clean the Rug From Underneath the Furniture

It will be harsh, so they say if you forget your rug. This implies that its softness will disappear if you don’t try to keep your rug young. You should clean any rugs under furniture at least twice a week if you have them there. Try to give it special treatment once a month. That might involve steam cleaning. Try removing the furniture foot from the rug to make it stainless with any cleaner.

  • Rug with Continuous Foot Traffic

Try to clean the rug by vacuuming daily to prevent it from losing its luster. Try to keep it clean, and check to see if your rug has tangled fibers. The main reasons why fibers rip are tangles and filth. The lower fiber count will result in a flat, lifeless rug.


The main problem with shaggy rugs, which are common, is that their fluff eventually flattens out, but there are now simple ways to restore it. Alternatively, you may use professional cleaning services, which are undoubtedly expensive and require no effort. 

The secret to maintaining your rug’s brand-new appearance is proper upkeep. If you don’t want to ruin the rug’s fluff, try to avoid using an extra load or having excessive foot traffic all the time.

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