How to Improve Website SEO Using Images

SEO positioning is vital to your website as it will help improve your position in search engines. This can be done using many factors, including keywords and images.

Before you start your SEO strategy, it is important to consider your goal. This is done by identifying the keywords that you are most interested in and analyzing their positioning.

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Why are optimizing images important?

To help your website rank higher in search engines, optimizing the optimization of images will be very useful. Search engines will rank your website higher if you give them more information.

In the case of images, this is done by providing a series of data that describes each image’s content.

Tips for SEO Optimization of Images

Here are some tips for image optimization.

Provide a great user experience

You must enrich the content with context and provide adequate context to create a great user experience. You must ensure that the images used are appropriate and allow you to better understand the content.

Facilitate the user experience to ensure they stay on your site. It is also important to place images near the text that the image refers to whenever possible.

Remember to include images This will make your text more appealing and encourage users to spend more time on the page.


Optimize image quality

Using good-quality images is essential. You will not create a positive user experience using low-quality pages with pixels. In addition, search engines can penalize you.


Give your images the appropriate filename

It is important to use a file name that reflects the content of the image. It is important to remember that the file name indicates the content of the image, so the more descriptive the file name is, the easier it will be for search engines to understand it. The file name must contain the keywords which define the position of the image.


Add an Alternative Text

Search engines use the alternative text to determine what appears within the image. It also shows the text if the browser is unable to see the image.

Many experts recommend that you should write a description of the image and the keywords with which to position yourself.


Include a description of your images

An additional element that can improve the SEO ranking of an image, is to include a description. The description should be more detailed and literal than the alternative text.


Add a caption

To quickly let your visitors know the purpose of the web page, you can add a caption to the image.


Use to surround the image with text content

The most important factor in improving your website’s SEO ranking is to surround the image with text. Images must be aligned with the accompanying text.


Use the correct formats

JPG, PNG, and GIF are the best formats for image optimization. JPG is best for images that have many colors and details. The PNG format is great for images with lots of details or large spaces. Finally, we will only use the GIF for animated images.


Link building with images

Images are essential for improving web positioning. Link building is crucial. Include links in your image. The more links that point at your website’s image, the better it will position.

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