How To Fix The Error Where QuickBooks Crashing After Update

Has there been a time when your Quickbooks closes unexpectedly? Are you still facing this problem? There can be a number of ways why this is happening to you. We are all well aware of the fact that Quickbooks is a well-equipped software. But as good as it is, there are certain bugs, issues, and problems that can be frustrating. And the com error is one of them.

Recently a lot of people have complained that their Quickbooks 2022 keeps crashing even after updating it. And the most frustrating of them is the crash where you can’t recover the data. But in this blog we are going to tell you about this in the best way. Including a solution that will help in overcoming this problem.

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What can be the reason for the “QuickBooks keeps freezing” problem?

Amongst a pool of reasons we have a few to name. These are quite common ones and you will have no problem in checking which amongst them is the reason for your Quickbooks freezing unexpectedly.

  • When a large attachment is mailed.
  • While working in the report center.
  • If and when you are working in different centers.
  • When you are using multiple reports side by side which increases the overall load on Quickbooks. 

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Resolving the issue of “Quickbooks automatically closes”

Here is the easiest way to resolve your problem of Quickbooks crashing unexpectedly.


Solution: Using the Quickbooks Tool Hub

So, try using the tool hub’s file doctor to get the results in your favour. This is how it is done. 

  • Download and install the “Quickbooks Tool Hub.” 
  • Next, you will have to navigate to the “Company File issues.”
  • Then, select “Run Quickbooks File Doctor.” This step might take some time depending upon how efficient your desktop is.
  • Next you will have to keep the Quickbooks File Doctor opened, and then select the “company file” from the drop-down.
  • If you are unable to see it anywhere, simply browse or search. And then once you locate it, just click on “Continue.”
  • Next, you will have to punch in your Quickbooks admin credentials and then hit the “Next” button.

This will simply help you in fixing the problem for good.


For many people resolving this problem even with this solution won’t be possible. And we would say, it is alright. When your QuickBooks Closes Unexpectedly, it might wash away some important data too. And if that happens, it will be a problematic situation for you.

So, in this case, our certified experts are the one who can help you. They have all the expertise and experience to diagnose the problem. And help you with troubleshooting this error for good. So, when you are working and you see that the “QuickBooks Crashing After Update”, we say, you will have to connect with our tech team.

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