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How to Draw a Landscape

How to Draw a Landscape

Learn how to draw an incredible science fiction landscape with step-by-step cool drawings instructions and a tutorial. Now you can easily create a magnificent design of the science fiction landscape. You can learn to draw a science fiction scenario to create your drawings or comics. Science fiction is a fairly new genre that suspects the results of real and supposed technologies and findings.

He was born of fantastic stories and horror of the past. Stories usually involve space travel and time, robots, and extraterrestrials. Some ancient mythologies have involved science fiction elements, such as traveling to the moon. These themes and the expansion of mechanical technologies were again explored during the 1600s in 1800. Then, during the 19th and 20th centuries, science fiction was well established by authors such as Mary Shelly, Jules Verne, and H.G. Wells. What are your favorite science fiction characters? You can learn to attract them all, bad guys and stars’ war droids in anime characters, Marvel and D.C superheroes. And much more. You can even create yours!

Drawing a landscape

Step 1:

Start by drawing a crater and a crystal. Draw several elongated hexagonal forms using curved lines to ignore the crater and crystals.

Step 2:

Start sketching the rocket. Use curved lines to include oval-shaped fuselage and cockpit. Take the cockpit with curved lines and include a side semicircle on the side using a “U” line. Contour the crystals with branched straight lines and draw short lines in their base.

Step 3:

Complete the rocket. Draw triangular tail fins and landing speeds. Draw a tear shape in each other’s avant-garde. Draw a curved line on the “U” form door and several curved lines at the back of the fuselage to indicate the engine.

Step 4:

Then draw a life form – is it weird or human? Draw a circle to the closed head on the helmet and use curved lines to include the irregular shapes of the backpack, the shoulder, and the tubes.

Draw a curved line in the helmet to form the visor and another with a shaded circle at the top to indicate an antenna. Use a long curved line, folded in itself, to lock the stairs emerging from the door. Strip shaped with curved lines.

Step 5:

Complete the astronaut’s body, using curved lines to describe the trunk, arms, and legs. Take the backpack, wrist, and ankles with curved lines. Use long curved lines that overlap to draw another rock formation.

Step 6:

Keep drawing irregular rock formations, ignoring surfaces with additional curved lines.

Step 7:

Draw another great crater, bubbling with a gosma space. Use curved lines that overlap to roughly describe the oval shape and ignore the rough rocky sides. Draw irregular oval shapes to indicate bubbles in gosma.

Step 8:

Draw a long line curved through the horizon, indicating the planet’s curvature or the moon. Then use curved lines to draw more craters and rock formations and ignore the soil.

Step 9:

How to Draw a Landscape

Draw a planet with the ring in the form of a Saturn. Draw an unfinished circle and satisfy the rings operating a pair of curved lines. Planet band and rings with additional curved lines.

Step 10:

How to Draw a Landscape

Color your space cartoon.

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