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How to do Food booking in train ?


When we think of food on the train, we often recall IRCTC pantry food, train vendors, or the food available on platforms. We never think of a food delivery app for trains. It’s because we never link Indian Railways and technology together. But that’s not the case anymore. IRCTC has been making strides and has offered its user tech-based solution for food travel needs and hence launched IRCTC E-catering.

So what is IRCTC E- Catering? 

IRCTC e-catering is a service provided by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). This service helps train travelers to book food online through different restaurants and authorized premium partners. The meals offered can be booked in advance by the user via food booking in the train service available. He/She can choose to book the food before reaching the prior station or else before the journey begins. The food then ordered is delivered to the respective seat of the customer. It’s a quick and easy way to enjoy tasty train food. 

Where can we find food booking in train service?

To order food on the train, the users can check out IRCTC E-Catering’s official site and app. The mobile app is called Food on Tracks and is available on both android and ios. IRCTC E-catering offers a variety of food options from its authorized premium vendors. You can browse through and order your favorite food on the train.

Alternatively, you can also book food on the train through the vendors directly. Some of my personal favorites are Railpfy-Hotplate, RrailRestro, Railyarti, and more.

How to order food on the train?

  • To book a meal on the train, you can refer to these general steps.
  • Download the food delivery app you would like to place your order from
  • To explore food options at your desired station, add train details, PNR, and delivery station.

The results are filtered to suit your convenience. Select what you want to order and from where. Also, add in the quantity.

Step Four: Now, it’s time to proceed to checkout. Double-check your details before making the payment.

Step Five: Make the payment. You can easily pay for the meal using a card, online banking, IRCTC e-wallet to even UPI. However, if you wish you can also opt for cash on delivery 

Post this, you will get an order confirmation and updates from the delivery partner.The above steps may vary depending on the app or platform you are using to place the order.

Why should you order food from train food delivery apps?

Train food delivery apps are an excellent way to enjoy your journey on the train. They work on the promise of providing hygienic, fresh, and tasty food. Here are a few reasons why you need to switch to train delivery apps :

    • Convenience: Train food delivery apps allow passengers to order food in advance and have it delivered to their seats, eliminating the need to wait in line at the railway station or on the train to purchase food. It ensures that your train journey experience is enjoyable and comfortable.
    • Variety of options: Train food delivery apps offer a wider variety of food options compared to what is typically available on trains, so passengers have more choices and can order their favorite food items. You can enjoy any meal of choice, be it thali, biryani pizza, or Chinese!
    • Quality: Delivery apps guarantee the quality of food they provide, this ensures that the passenger will have fresh, hot, and hygienic food during their journey. This is a great plus, for you don’t want to fall sick when traveling.
    • Time-saving: Ordering food through delivery apps saves time as the passenger does not have to worry about carrying food or making a stop for food on their journey. It takes you 5 minutes to order food. The food is delivered to your train seat by the delivery partner.
    • More hygienic: Ordering food through delivery apps ensures that the passenger will have food that is hygienically prepared and safely packaged, which is important when traveling. You get access to clean food.
    • Better pricing: The apps have a great selection of restaurants and brands which leads to competitive pricing.  Users can enjoy thalis and combo meals at affordable prices. The apps don’t have any minimum order value too. Moreover, there’s always discounts and cashback offers for users to avail and save extra money

What to Order?

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Great Meal Options: You can enjoy any food you want in the comfort of your train seat. There’s a great variety of food options to pick from. Some popular food times available are Thalis, Chinese, South Indian, Burgers, Pizza, Biryani, and more. You can also order beverages like a mojito, tea, or coffee.

Jain and Veg Food Options: Through booking food on the train, people with dietary restrictions also get access to pure veg and Jain meals. They can opt for pure veg restaurants for ordering food on the train.

Bulk Food Orders: There’s also the convenience of placing bulk orders. If you are an agent or someone traveling in a group, you can easily get in touch with the companies and book a bulk meal order.

Food booking in Train is the best way to enjoy healthy and tasty meals on a go! I would personally recommend you to try Railofy-Hotplate, when going on a trip. It’s a one stop solution for all your train needs.


Railofy is an IRCTC partner that provides food on train at the lowest prices from FSSAI approved restaurants. In addition to providing food, Railofy also offers a range of other services such as online ticket booking, checking PNR status, live train status, seat availability and train time table. With Railofy, you can get all the information you need about your journey in one place. So if you're looking for a convenient way to get food and other services while travelling by train, then Railofy is the perfect choice for you. Please download the best app for food delivery in train from play store.

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