How online booking has helped Favouritetable to grow

The growing trend of “online reservation technology” How online booking has helped Favouritetable to grow provides new opportunities for restaurants and impacts the entire “customer journey” and overall business operations.

Consumers are becoming more demanding about how they want to eat out, so it is critical for restaurants to optimize and stay connected in an authentic way, particularly with online table booking systems.

Consumers look for restaurants online for various reasons, with booking a table being one of the most important. However, only 25% of restaurants have an online reservation system. A restaurant reservation system online is a business-friendly technology.

How online booking has helped Favouritetable to grow reservations through Favouitetable are most beneficial to guests. When customers make a reservation, they know their table is reserved for starters. Instead of arriving at a restaurant and waiting an hour for a free table, they can make a reservation over the phone, in person, or online and have their seating guaranteed. If customers need to amend or cancel their reservations, they can call the restaurant directly.

Second, clients benefit from having the option to request special accommodations when making a reservation, ensuring that they get the experience they want. Finally, reservations can aid in the safety of guests.

Reservations allow operators to manage the flow of customers and keep an eye on capacity. Still, they also give specific data that can be utilized for contact tracing, all of which help keep germs at bay. It benefits both parties when places take reservations.

Favouritetable accepts reservations 24/7

Rather than having to call during business hours, customers can book online – whether in the morning when restaurants are open or in the evening when they are rushed. This has most likely increased the number of bookings received by favoritetable because restaurants no longer have to choose between taking a phone call and serving the customers.

 The online reservation system of Favouitetable increased customer loyalty

With a worldwide decline in brand loyalty due to increased variety and competition in the market, customer retention has never been more important.

Favouritetable’s Reservation systems have increased customer loyalty by improving their overall satisfaction with the dining experience, from booking to paying. Customers will be more likely to return to the site if it is easily accessible online.

This encourages repeat bookings, which increases customer loyalty and affinity for the restaurants. How online booking has helped Favouritetable to grow Restaurants will be on customers’ minds the next time they plan an evening out if they make booking easy, reinforce the brand digitally, and improve customer service levels.

Favouritetable aids in transforming quiet periods into opportunities:

Smart availability and offer management are the keys to turning quiet times into business opportunities.

A smart restaurant reservation system can provide peak and off-peak time trends. This allows restaurants to plan and implement various strategies to increase bookings, such as launching promotional discounts. Prices will be determined by availability, as in the airline industry.

Favouritetable takes control of overbooking.

Guests visit restaurants not only for the food but also for a special experience.

An overbooked restaurant can harm a restaurant’s reputation.

Overbooking was previously unpredictable, but this trend has shifted with more data.

Based on previous bookings, an online reservation system can forecast future trends. Furthermore, the system will manage tables in real-time, eliminating the possibility of overbooking.

Favouritetable aids in staffing optimization.

With an easily accessible, centrally stored reservation system, management can be better prepared for and predict rushes, ensuring adequate staffing levels to deliver exceptional service. It’s one of the most effective ways to keep customers happy while managing operational costs more effectively.

Favoritetable helps with cancellation notifications.

Online cancellations accompany online table reservations.

Calling a restaurant to cancel a reservation is unsettling for some customers, leaving operators in the dark and turning away guests unnecessarily.

But what if cancelling a booking was as simple as clicking on a link in an SMS booking reminder?

Everyone is pleased with just a few taps. Your restaurant reservation system is automatically updated by favouritetable, notifying staff that a table is now available for walk-ins or future bookings.

The best value full-function restaurant booking system on the market

Favouritetable is the most flexible online restaurant reservations system – with absolutely no commission.


The best value full-function restaurant management system on the market.

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