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How Long Does E-liquid Take To Make You Feel The Effect

Unlike traditional cigarettes, vapes comprise different elements which come together to make a vape. This includes vape substance which is in form of liquid known as signature vape liquid and also called cola vape juice. It is the main ingredient used to make the vape device workable, producing the inhaled vapor.

Different from smoking vaping involves various forms of content, especially nicotine and generates vapor instead of smoke which is less detrimental to health. This is because of the vape liquid it uses which contains a less dense form of nicotine.

Smokers who are used to smoking use to inhale a lot of nicotine. The nicotine contained in cigarettes takes a long time to get absorbed when smoked. In contrast to this nic-salt which is utilized in cigarettes takes very little time. Apart from this fact, there are several reasons also that e-liquid makes you feel the effects sooner than the tobacco used in smoke. There are a few factors that can be considered, mentioned below.

Much effective as compared to traditional cigarettes:

When compared to cigarettes vapes take a shorter time to make the effect. This is because of the different elements each contains. As cigarettes have tobacco in a solid form that burns and turns into nicotine, smoking effects can be seen after a longer time than the vapes. While vapes have prepared nicotine in the form of liquid already present in the vape juice takes almost no time to express its effects.

Vapes affect your body instantly, once you take a puff you will feel the mesmerizing effect of the vape device. The most important point after the form of nicotine form is the quantity of nic-salt used. Apart from the nicotine content vape uses there are a few other factors that count while vaping which determine the time an heisenberg vape juice in a vape takes to make an impact. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Nicotine quantity:

The time an e-liquid takes to impact your body also depends on the quantity of nic-salt used while vaping. This is because of the amount of nicotine used in it so if the nic-salt is in less quantity that means the e-liquid is less dense, in opposition if it has a heavy amount of nic-salt obviously it takes time.

Battery wattage:

The battery also plays a significant role in utilizing a vape and affects the time a vape liquid takes to make you feel the effects. Since it depends on the battery wattage that how much power it supplies to the device so the e-juice burns to that extent. For example, with more power, the battery provides more e-liquid it heats which eventually evaporates and consumes.

Hence, as quickly as you consume the vape juice, you feel the outcome.

Depends upon how frequently you puff:

Regardless of all the points, it depends on how frequently you take puffs, if you take puffs one after the other in a short period of time obviously the e-liquid will be consumed shortly. So it will affect sooner. On the other hand, if you do the opposite by taking long gaps in each puff and enjoy vaping slowly then you will have consequences accordingly.


Using vapes is very different from smoking cigarettes because of the elements they include. The vapes involve various ingredients such as e-liquid and a distinguished form of nicotine that come with the option to choose the quantity.

So as the distinctive quality of vapes, their impact on the user is also different from the effect of smoking. This also includes the time period after how long a user gets affected once it consumed the e-liquid vs smoking a cigarette. Therefore this blog is all about informing you about that, give it a detailed read so you can have a better understanding.

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