How Much Does It Cost to Study In Australian University?

Over 456,000 international students will be studying in Australia between January and April 2022, making it one of the most well-liked study abroad countries in the whole globe. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most costly, with students needing AU$21,041 (about US$14,400) each year for living expenses alone, following the nation’s standards for student visas. The cost of attending an Australian university varies considerably based on where, what, and at what level you plan to study.

Continue reading for an explanation of these expenses and suggestions on locating Australian scholarships to fund your study.

Costs of tuition and books for overseas students

The typical annual tuition costs for international students are listed as follows by Study Australia, the official government website for international students: Undergraduate bachelor degrees range from AU$20,000 (US$13,675) to $45,000 (US$30,769); postgraduate masters degrees range from AU$22,000 (US$15,045) to $50,000 (US$34,192); and doctoral degrees range from AU$20,000 (US$13,675) to $42,000 (US$28,721).

High-value programmes like veterinary or medical degrees, which might cost much more, are not included in these costs.

Australian university tuition is often calculated per unit rather than annually. Each unit falls into a cost band, and because most students will be combining units from several bands, rates may vary depending on who you ask.

Australian National University (ANU)

The country’s top university and placed 30th in the QS World University Rankings® 2023, is one of the universities that offer official fee estimates. An overseas undergraduate degree from the Australian National University costs about AU$42,560 (about US$29,100) per year for some Bachelor of Arts programmes and up to AU$47,940 (roughly US$32,780) per year for Bachelor of Science or Medical Science programmes.

Annual tuition for graduate programmes can start at AU$45,360 (US$31,004) and go as high as AU$47,940 (US$32,780).

PhD programmes have comparable costs, with the highest starting at AU$ $39,870 (about US$ 27,249). But the AU$85,120 (about US$58,184) Doctor of Medicine and Surgery degree from ANU is in a class by itself.

The Student Services and Facilities fee

Which is a charge for non-academic services and amenities and capped at AU$315 (about US$215) in 2022, is another expense to consider. Although not all Australian colleges impose this fee, it is best to double-check in advance to avoid any unpleasant surprises. And this research is done by our Australian essay help expert, Eddiee Broke.

Costs of tuition and books for domestic students

For domestic students, studying in Australia is less expensive than in many other parts of the globe. This is especially true for those accepted into a Commonwealth subsidised programme, where the government covers the majority of the cost of tuition. All Australian public institutions and some, but not all, private universities provide Commonwealth-sponsored spots.

Government-imposed caps limit the student contribution levels, which vary based on where and what you study. The government determines the lowest and maximum ranges for each fee band, and in 2022, they are as follows: Band 1: AU$0, 3985; Band 2: AU$0,821; Band 3: AU$0, 10754; and Band 4: AU$0, 14,640.

Determine which courses or units are covered by each band and how many credits (represented as a fraction, for example, 12/96 = 0.125 EFTSL) you receive for each unit to determine your overall tuition costs. To get the overall cost per unit, multiply this EFTSL value (0.125) by the band fee amount. You might also use an internet calculator. On their websites, the majority of universities offer one.

Domestic graduate students’ tuition costs are calculated similarly, and several universities estimate the annual tuition for graduate students. For instance, the University of Melbourne shows costs for 2023 that starts at AU$20,800 a year for the online Master of Psychiatry programme and go up to AU$77,344 for a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Check with the university since some graduate programmes also include Commonwealth-assisted spaces.

More on that

Domestic students can apply for the Higher Education Loan Program, unlike overseas students (HELP). There are four forms of government loans available for Australian residents and holders of permanent humanitarian visas. The HECS-HELP programme assists Commonwealth-supported students in paying their student contributions; the FEE-HELP programme covers tuition costs for students who pay fees; the SA-HELP programme covers the cost of student services and amenities, and the VET Student Loans programme covers the cost of vocational education and training.

Australian fellowships and bursaries

The Australia Awards are government-funded foreign fellowships and scholarships open to Australian citizens and residents of other qualifying nations. Including those in the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, the Pacific region, and Asia.

You may apply for the Northcote Graduate Scholarship from the Britain-Australia Society if you’re a graduate student from the UK. This covers your transportation costs, your tuition and other expenses, and a three-year stipend for living expenses.

Check with the Australian institutions you are interested in attending for undergraduate or graduate students. As many provide scholarships available to native and international students at both levels.

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