How Is The Job Market For Forest Engineers? Read This Post

Forest,engineering has several specialties that attract the attention of young people who want to go to college. To make a good choice, the recommendation is to research a lot about the functioning of higher education courses and job opportunities in each area. Therefore, assess how the job market for forestry engineers is.

This initiative is essential to verify how the career is valued and whether it is worth investing in it to be a successful professional. Have a lot of curiosity to clear your doubts and decide, with more certainty, the best option for you.

To help you in this task, we will highlight several factors related to the profession of forestry engineer. Check out!

Is it worth pursuing a career in forestry | forest?

One of the great attributions of professionals in the area is to contribute to sustainable development by supporting practices that promote the proper use of natural resources. According to the coordinator of the forestry engineering course at FARO, Eugênio Pacelli Martins, the work of the forest engineer focuses on nature conservation.

“When we talk about conservation, we are talking about the use of this medium. The forest engineer is the only professional prepared to intervene in the forest in a sustainable way that can guarantee economic and forest resources”, he says.

The coordinator also emphasizes that forest management is very important for the environment. “This activity only removes individuals of commercial interest and the forest remains, you don’t have to cut it down. We, forest engineers, are the professionals capable of intervening in the forest to ensure its continuity with sustainability”, he emphasizes.


In Martins’ assessment, the career is characterized by several areas of activity. “Inside the city, we work with environmental licensing, geoprocessing and regularization of urban areas, in addition to arborization and landscaping of squares, gardens, public roads and condominiums. In the urban area, we also operate in ecological stations and parks”, he details.

Another relevant aspect highlighted by the coordinator is the link between forestry engineering and other engineering areas: “there is a suitable professional in relation to tree silviculture. It’s not just having a sidewalk and planting something, it doesn’t work like that. A study is needed in order to work properly”, he emphasizes.

Martins also mentions the difference between forestry and environmental engineering . “This deals with solid waste, sewage, treatment. Forest engineering works with ecosystems, ecology, harmony and revitalization of degraded areas,” he explains.

He also highlights the demand for work in Rondônia. “In the state, there are 120,000 rural properties, and a part of this rural property has to stay in the forest. In 80% of them, forest management can only be done by the forest engineer. He is also responsible for geo referencing and the rural environmental register”, he informs.

The coordinator points out the reasons for choosing a degree in forest engineering and investing in a career. “If you identify with the rural and environmental area, the course that will provide you with dealing with this environment. The profession has a range of opportunities for you to work. Just to give you an idea, there are over 700 assignments — that’s a lot,” he comments.

Do you know 7 areas where forestry engineers work?

If you are interested in the job market for forestry engineers, it is recommended to know some areas of activity in this career . With that in mind, we’ll cover 7 of them right now.

1. Urban Forest Nurseries Analyst

It works so that cities have more green areas. He works so that there are many trees in squares, parks, streets. In addition, he defends the existence of reserves, such as the Tijuca Forest, in Rio de Janeiro.

2. Environmental Tax Auditor

It is a public service that has contests for municipal, state and federal agencies. Its attributions include combating irregular logging, inspecting industries, controlling the operation of sanitary landfills and issuing permits to carry out works.

3. Environmental Educator

In the public sector and in the private sector, forestry engineers can participate in projects that teach cultivation techniques and the extraction of products that make use of natural resources in a sustainable way. This initiative is adopted in communities where the inhabitants have less education, as well as in schools.

4. Manager of Planted and Native Forests   |  Forest 

It is one of the most valued professions in the job market for forestry engineers, as it works for the exploitation of natural resources to be carried out in a sustainable way. Industries in the pulp sector, NGOs and companies dedicated to obtaining carbon credits greatly require the service of this professional.

5. Ecological Reserve Manager

In addition to technical knowledge, students take subjects related to the administration segment at the faculty of environmental engineering. This allows the future professional to be able to manage the work and structure of ecological reserves.

6. Researcher

Studies in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry require the participation of forestry engineers for the proper use of natural resources. The researcher also participates in works developed by public bodies, such as INMETRO and Embrapa, which work with a focus on sustainable development.

7. University Professor

For those who like to teach, the job market for forestry engineers provides the opportunity to teach university students. For this, it is suggested to do a master’s and doctorate within the area. The more capabilities you have, got the more prominent your chances of seeking after an scholastic career.


According to Martins, there were changes in the focus of the forestry engineer’s work. “When I started my career, 35 years ago, there was a lot of colonization, opening, deforestation and settlement areas in Rondônia. The main concern was with the conservation of natural resources. Nowadays, the center is on moderating and advancing the economical utilize of the environment. We are more prepared for this, because technology has advanced and we have more modern instruments”, he points out.

For the coordinator, the job market for forestry engineers in Rondônia will prioritize, in the future, the search for the interaction between conservation and production. “There will be greater interest in alternatives that involve non-timber forest products. In conservation, management areas will aim to use resources in a sustainable way”, he predicts.

He also considers that the demand for wood will grow along with the number of inhabitants on the planet. “There is still no process for replacing wood, a renewable resource. Despite being in a digital world, the demand for paper, which needs trees to be manufactured, has increased. Fortunately, the trend is to strengthen the path of conserving existing natural resources,” he adds.

How to choose a good Forest Engineering course?

The first step in choosing a good degree in forest engineering is to think about the differentials offered by the college, according to the coordinator. “In the case of FARO , we have very positive aspects, such as the MEC grade 4 and the fact that it is the first course in the area in Rondônia. We also stand out for the number of practical and theoretical classes, internships and exchanges”, he exemplifies.

For Martins, other variables that ought to be considered when choosing a better instruction course .“We need to see how the institution prepares students for the market. It is also valid to verify that there is a good infrastructure (laboratories, equipment, etc.) and the quality of the teachers”, he adds.

In his opinion, the job market for forestry engineers is very good in Rondônia, which is a positive point for FARO students. “It’s an unused calling compared to the others. It is possible to work in urban and rural areas, in addition to the management sector. If you want an ecologically just, sustainably balanced and economically viable environment, do forestry engineering,” he emphasizes.

We have proceeded to the opinion  of this post. On the off chance that you’d like more data around FARO’s higher instruction courses, contact us right now. We are accessible to reply to your questions and assist you accomplish proficient victory!

Dua for studying.  At your doorstep. 


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